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Sonic The Hedgehog #17

As the infection spreads across a helpless city, the Chaotix Detective Agency stands alone against the horde. Will even the world's fastest hedgehog be quick enough to provide back-up, or will the city fall? The Chaotix take the case as things go from bad to worse!

Sonic The Hedgehog #18

The infection spreads! Sonic's already lost one friend to the spread of the virus and doesn't want to see anyone else corrupted. When Cream the Rabbit's town becomes the latest epicenter, Sonic races to help-but chaos has already started

Sonic The Hedgehog #19

Eggman's reign of terror continues! Sonic races to help Team Dark rescue civilians from a major city, but his own metal virus infection is getting worse! Outnumbered, how long can Sonic outrun the inevitable? And who else will fall? A major cornerstone of the metal virus saga! One of Sonic's most powerful allies falls victim to the disease, but who?

StH: Tangle & Whisper #1

Tangle the Lemur's got a problem: there's not enough action in her life! Whisper the Wolf's also got a problem: she's hunting down an incredibly dangerous enemy named Sonic the Hedgehog! Can Tangle and Whisper help each other solve their problems, or will they just make things worse? A new mini-series featuring two of the most popular new Sonic the Hedgehog characters! Tangle & Whisper are a classic odd-couple in this adventurous team-up!

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing combines the best elements of arcade and fast-paced competitive style racing as you face-off with friends in intense multiplayer racing. Race together and work together as a team by sharing power-ups and speed boosts.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Movie)

A cop in the rural town of Green Hills will help Sonic escape from the government who is looking to capture him.


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SonicNEXT Grand Opening!

A new Sonic site has opened on the net - a collaboration of Zifei Wu, founder of Sonic HQ, current members Vector, Tristan (also the webmaster of The Super Sonic Zone), and Fishboy (also the webmaster of Sonic Sages), former HQer Knux Lee, and Neo Green Hill Zone founder and webmaster Green Gibbon! Also on the staff are Mattew McClain and Matt Smith. Our slogan is "Are You Game?"

SonicNEXT - Are You Game?

Sonic Comics: Royalty Blues

Sonic fan Brian Sapinski takes a look at current developments and decisions in the comic concerning Princess Sally.

Poll Position #4

Well its time for our latest poll reviews! First of all let me take the time to thank everyone that responded to our email survey asking what the wanted to see in Sonic HQ. The number one response - LOADING TIMES. Its a hassle, an annoyance, and overall its not very nice. ^_^ Vector and I had a talk about things and over the next two months we'll be going page by page correcting erros, fixing links, and working on lagging load times to make HQ more effecient for you - the viewer. Also duly noted - updates are now most definetly every weekend (as you've been seeing by my front page input) and I'll be working more at having more of my notes on the front page during the week to keep the message from getting stale. :) Thanks for your input - and now down to the polling:

So - do you think Sonic Underground sucks as much as I do?

25 Votes (14%): Sucks??? You must be out your pea-picking mind! It's great stuff!
73 Votes (39%): Brother - this cartoon is the pits and everything more. And those songs! YICK!
43 Votes (23%): (The boring answer) Its OK. Not good not bad...just OK
44 Votes (24%): I like cheese weiner doodles!

Total Votes - 185 Votes

Cheese weiner doodles? You guys are crazy. ^_^

This was totally expected. And yes - I STILL think Sonic Underground sucks. Why Sega Of America chooses to farm thier mascot out to the guys that created the first two is beyond me. Don't get me wrong - SatAM was OK minus noticeable flaws, but they should have known better the minute they saw AoSTH. Even ABC rejected THAT. And why DiC Animation chose something totally new over what Sonic fans were already familiar with (The SatAM continuity) is beyond me. Perhaps in the future, if there is ever to be another Sonic cartoon - lets hope an animation company with direction common sense gets the liscense. Better yet - I'd rather see a new anime series.

With over half a year on thier slate to do it, do you think Archie can pull off a good Sonic Adventure adaption without screwing it up?

62 Votes (53%): Optimist Answer - I have good faith that they could actually pull it off this time...
20 Votes (17%): Pessimist Answer - C'mon...This is Archie! You know - The Endgame People!
36 Votes (31%): Realist Answer - NO ONE can do a sonic Team game justice! NO ONE! (36)
Total Votes - 118 Votes

Perhaps the phrase "realist answer" should have been replaced with "purists answer" but at the same time I was surprised to see so much faith put in Archie on the adaption. Perhaps this shows that they really are getting better in thier storytelling, now that Robotnik is back in continuity and Sonci is back among the Freedom Fighters. Of course, no one can expect a PERFECT adaption, but its good to know that Archie is trying and willing to put in the effort for us Sonic fans.

Today we have 3 polls for you: focusing on none other than SegaSonic, Archie Sonic, and the Cartoon Sonic: The two part question "What Sonic continuity would you most like to see in a cartoon?" with its follow up on the next poll update, then we have "Will you be buying a Neo Geo Pocket Color for the release of Sonic Pocket Adventure?", and lastly "Excluding Doctor Robotnik (obvious choice) - Who is the absolute best villian in Sonic comic continuity?" Let's get to voting! ^_^

The News from Last Week

Last week we had LOTS of news - two new Sonic editorials, fan games, more on the Sonic toys, the Sonic 2K Download, Sonic Pocket Adventure for the NGPC, the Game Gear going belly up, Ken Penders on the comics lineup, the Sonic SatAM Petition and much much more. Click The October News Archive to read last week's news.

Fan Game News: Sonikku Speaks Out!

Two days ago, as one of our news bytes, we got a report saying that Sonikku, maintainer of the Sonic Robo Blast fan game had vanished, leaving AJ Freda to take over the project. Well it seems he hasn't quite slipped into limbo per an email that was sent to me a day ago:

Hi, Sonikku here...In regard to your news item on Sonic HQ -

Nope, I am still alive, right now I'm moving house and can't update the page personally for a while - I will be online from my Dreamcast and school Internet accounts... but I'm not sure about my home address - I can only access it once a week. AJ suggested that I'd vanished and died (O_o), when in fact it was something far less sinister.

Until everything is cleared up, I'll have to wait until next Monday to see if I can update the page - even then I'll have to send it to AJ or Mach, who will be looking after the page in my abscene. To make up for all this however, we've released a sneak preview of SRB2, bear in mind that this isn't the finished product and we've still got a lot of bugs to iron out, but if you've been sitting around at STJr waiting for something big to happen, this should last for now. I had a quick go and got a time of 0:56, which should esaily be beaten by anyone with a pair of thumbs. ;-)

If you want to contact me (Sonikku) now, I have two addresses, I suggest the first address if possible - 


Thanks for the update on your whereabouts Sonikku!

Sega Ozisoft DC Delay

A sonic fan from down under takes a look at the impending doom Sega Ozisoft strikes on the Dreamcast with its rampant delays...

New Sonic Editorials - Sega Australia Flubs And A Facelift

Hi everyone! Just a note to inform you that today I took the liberty of restyling our editorials a bit. I converted our latest two editorials into html format so that in the future it would give them an overall better look and design similar to our current theme.

Also included are new submission guidelines, as well as the option to place pictures within your editorial! ^_^ I encourage everyone who frequents here to follow the guidelines and write an editorial if you feel you have something you want to speak out on. Rebuttals are encouraged - after all: editorials are opinions. ^_^ So you may begin re-submitting now! Hope you like it.

Todays newest editorial: A sonic fan from down under, Knux Of Australia, takes a look at the impending doom of the Dreamcast as Sega Ozisoft flubs again with its rampant delays. Is the dreamcast really going to fail in Australia? Also Tristan's old editorial on Bernie Stolar's departure is the first to get a facelift, with previous editorials soon to follow suit within the week. You may click our source link below or follow the Editorials Archive link button on the sidebar to read them. Later!

Sonic Adventure Online! - Sonic 2K Contest And World Rankings

Sega of America continues to push special downloads and online events in lieu of true online gaming. The latest events include a new set of download-able game elements and online activities that will be accessible only through Sonic Adventure.

The list of new interactive items includes the Sonic World rankings, where gamers from around the world can upload their best scores and times to a database for achievement-based ranking. Just announced today is a Sonic 2K contest, an online event that will include downloads of special Sonic Adventure levels. You'll be able to run through these levels to try and earn the best times, which will be posted on the Sonic Adventure homepage. The contest runs through October 15 to January 14, 2000; the winners will take home a variety of prizes, including a year of free Internet Access from AT&T WorldNet Service and plenty of Sega Dreamcast merchandise, from T-shirts to games. Another online feature for Sonic Adventure is holiday-specific downloads, such as the current Halloween one that adds jack-o'-lanterns and new banners to Twinkle Park (Tremble Park respectively - VERY corny, but it fits the season).

"Sega's plan is to continue to phase in online gameplay elements, giving consumers new experiences never seen before on a console," says Charles Bellfield, director of marketing communications, Sega of America, "Sonic Adventure is the first of many games that will be given additional `arms and legs' through the Internet."

Source: Gamefan Online

Game Gear Goes Belly Up

Pocket IGN has just gotten word from Majesco that the plans to relaunch the Sega Game Gear handheld and select library of games has been pushed to sometime next year. The only reason given was that the company wants to restructure its strategy on rereleasing such a product to market. Majesco Sales still plans on releasing the unit, but there is currently no release date. Majesco acquired the rights to Sega's Game Gear handheld and Saturn console last year after huge success relaunching the Sega Genesis in a new, redesigned system. The Game Gear relaunch would have been the same unit that was released in the early 90s, and the titles would have most likely been non-licensed popular Sega released games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Columns, Decap Attack, and other non-Disney and Warner Bros. titles released in the system's four year lifetime. We'll keep you posted on any news regarding the Game Gear relaunch.

Source: IGN Pocket

Sonic The Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure!

According to Gamefan Online, the release date for Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket has been officially confirmed for Japanese release! Two of the most highly-anticipated NGPC games have now been given Japanese release dates in the month of December. Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure will ship on the 16th (selling for around $36 US). This will be followed on the 22nd with the fighting version of SNK vs. Capcom (selling for $41 US).

No box art has been released yet of the game

Source: IGN Pocket