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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

With apologies to ABC, if your name is Sega Dreamcast, you already are!

Sega has officially sold one million consoles in the US, and we're not even to Thanksgiving as of yet! Sega has announced this on their web site, and several experts in the field are rather shocked that this came early. Normally, figures like this take over 3 months to show up.

Currently, Sega is expecting loads of consoles to be sold during the holidays, and when looking at these figures, and hopeing that Sega can keep up with demand, it might very well be done, and the company might reach its goal of 2 million sold earlier that expected. Stay here during the holidays to keep tabs on the situation.

Sonic Adventure Toys Delayed.

I have spoken through the customer service at about the SA toys and he had this to say:

"Production has been pushed back until mid to late December, but we will be taking orders in about mid December."

There is no exact date to when they will be released in America, just December Sometime. He also didn't know when they are likely to appear in Europe or Australia. but those living there can order online at ReSaurus when they are released.

Source: ReSaurus

More on STHPA

Not only are there a HUGE selection of Sonic Pocket Adventure Snapshots. there is now 8 movies of the game thanks to Gamefan!! They are in real format. go see them here

Source: Gamefan

Sonic Adventure ROM?!?

Is it really possible? well...actually no. This is a hacked Gameboy ROM called Sonic Adventure. The hack is of "smurfs 3" Unfortunately, If you've played The Speedy Gonzales Hack "Sonic 6" you've played this. It isn't terribly good, But it was worth a mention. It was donated to Andre by The Chaos Emerald

Also worth noting is that Andre Dirks Sonic Roms Page is Back! Goto the link below.

Source: Andre Dirks Sonic Roms

SegaSonic News: Sonic The Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure

The next Sonic game due for release: Sonic The Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure finally has a SLEW of information out on it! Marking the first return of Sonic on a handheld since the days of Game Gear, STHPA is playable on the Neo Geo Pocket Color and is due for a release in two weeks. Features include:

  • Original Sonic 2D adventure - "amalgamates" previous Sonic games
  • Puzzle Mode
  • Two two-player modes
  • Link cable support

    Next to Sonic and Tails (the two playable characters) somehow making a return in the game will be Amy Rose, Knuckles The Echidna, Doctor Robotnik, Silver Sonic (Metal Sonic prototype from S2), the Flicky birds whom you must rescue at the end of an act, and Super Sonic upon a gathering of all Chaos Emeralds! The game is simple, at least in description: Get Sonic from the start of the level to the end in order to save the Flickies from the evil Dr. Robotnik. Each level works on the gameplay of the previous 2D Sonic games: springboards, corkscrews, loops, etc.

    What's interesting to note however is that while this game is "original" to an extent, it can also be described as an amalgamation of all the Sonic games that were released. Some levels look like they were ripped from Sonic 1, others from Sonic 2, and few here and there from Sonic 3 And Knuckles...The game will even feature the cool half-pipe bonus level from Sonic 2! One of the most promising features of Sonic Pocket Adventures is the link cable support. The game will have two modes of play for two players -- one player takes Sonic, the other Tails. The first is a race to see who can get from the start of a level to the finish. The other is a race to see who can collect the most rings.

    Click on the link below and you'll be able to see the entire 30 second TV spot for the NeoGeo Pocket Color that began airing on November 16th on MTV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Fox Family, E! and other cable networks. The commercial is in Realmedia format (if you don't have the player, you'll have to get it by going to, and also features gameplay footage from SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium and Bust-A-Move. It's less than a megabyte in size, so it's not that long a download BUT you must download it to your HD first, then view it in Real Player.

    Once you finish looking at that - you can peruse the 60+ screenshots that Gamefan and IGN have so graciously put up. ^_^

    NeoGeo Pocket Color Ad - RealVideo Format - 876k (00:31min)

    Screenshot Selections - Gamefan
    Screenshot Selections - IGN DC

    Sources: Gamefan and IGN Pocket

  • News Shorts - Sonic Pocket And Australia Delayed (Again)

    A few news bits to start the day with:

  • Sonic Pocket Adventure will be released in the United States before its released in Japan! In a surprise announcement by SNK the US version of Sonic Pocket Adventure for Neo Geo Pocket Color will be available on December 4, two weeks ahead of the Japanese release date of the game.

  • The Australian launch of the Sega Dreamcast has been further delayed until November 30, due to the high demand of the system in North America and Europe, and they are unable to supply enough machines at the Australia launch. So it looks like the Australians get the short end of the the stick from Ozisoft, yet again....

    Source: Sega X and IGN DC

  • Sonic Adventure 2 In 2000?

    There has been a lot of talk recently on one specific piece of intel. The sequel to Sonic Adventure. Sega of Japan all but confirmed the game recently, and now the gaming grapevine indicates that we may be seeing it sooner than we thought.

    It seems that Sonic Team has already begun development on Sonic Adventure 2 -- coniciding in fact with their continued work on Phantasy Star Online. And there are rumblings in Asia that the game could see its release in Japan as soon as next year! We'll keep youposted on anymore new info that we find out.

    Source: Sega X

    The Chaotix See Action Again?

    For those that didnt know, yesterday was the release of Knuckles #32 - the final issue of the book.

    All the Knuckles stories will be moving as permanent backups in the issues of Sonic The Hedgehog starting in two weeks with Sonic #79 - The Sonic Adventure Adaption. But where will Knuckles, The Chaotix, Julie-Su and the inhabitants of the Floating Island be during the reign of Eggman and Perfect Chaos? Ken Penders had this to say:

    Y'know, a number of you are commenting that you might as well blow off the SONIC ADVENTURE game adaptation as a big waste of space, on the premise that we're merely repeating the very game a lot of you are playing. For those of you who do, you'll be missing out, especially where Knuckles is concerned.

    I was concerned about the same thing, so when I did my segments of the game adaptation, I incorporated them into the continuity as I have established it over the past 32 plus issues. Locke and the Guardians are involved, Julie-Su and the Chaotix see action, and we finally show the mysterious Cat Country I established on the Map of Mobius in SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #2: BRAVE NEW WORLD.

    So if you do decide not to check it out, don't say I didn't warn you. (I'll get the hang of marketing yet. :-)

    A few of it is stuff we already know, but at least we know the Choatix are still alive in some sense.

    Source: Ken Penders Webpage

    Toonami Reviews Sonic Adventure!

    An interesting tidbit that I thought I'd mention here, Cartoon Network's block of Toonami - The Midnight Run did a review of Dreamcast games, and among those reviewed were Sonic Adventure! If I'm correct, SA recieved a 4 out of 5 whereas the DC itself recieved a 5 out of 5. The only game given a bad review was Blue Stinger in which the little computer animated Tom (host of Toonami) told viewers to avoid like the plague. ^_^

    You can probably catch this small insert review on the daily showings of CN's Toonami or the Midnight Run schedule on Saturday nights.