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Sonic The Hedgehog #4

Sonic comes across a town under attack from the biggest Badnik force he’s ever seen. Luckily, help is on the way from his old friend Blaze, as well as a new hero! Get ready for the debut of Tangle!

Sonic The Hedgehog #5

“The Fate of Dr. Eggman,” Part 1. After his last battle with Sonic, Dr. Eggman’s gone quiet. His Badnik forces are still causing trouble, but without the bad doctor’s usual fanfare. What’s Eggman been doing all this time? And what will happen to Sonic when he finds out?

Sonic The Hedgehog #6

Dr. Eggman has been located, but Sonic’s not the only one to find him! When Shadow comes, whose side will Sonic be on?!?

Sonic The Hedgehog #7

Secrets revealed! After the dramatic events of the last two issues and the secret of Dr. Eggman, Sonic races off to shut down the organized Badniks at the source. Unfortunately, there's more at play than Sonic has realized, and more powerful players...

Sonic The Hedgehog, Vol. 1: Fallout!

Join the Blue Blur for brand-new adventures as he and his friends race around the world to defeat the evil Dr. Eggman's robotic forces!

Sonic SatAM Acquisition - Follow Up Report

In lieu of the recent report of the Sonic SatAM rights being released by USA, I felt I should expand on it a bit more as things were still left a bit hazy and I still kept getting queries on it.

First of all - what this means is simply this: SatAM is NOT back on the air nor will it be airing on Cartoon Network UNLESS it, or another company buys the rights. And theres certainly no guarantee of that happening. Sonic SatAM only contains 26 episodes - which isnt exactly considered "syndication gold" in the business. It only means that someone else acquiring the liscense is one of MANY MANY possibilities.

Secondly, to answer some more questions that were directed - no this does not mean new episodes. The show's been dead in the water for 6 years, so to those cartoonophobes still screaming SatAM's coming back - deal with it: it's dead. If DiC and Sega decided to go on with Sonic Underground then theres no way in heck they may revive SatAM by now. Its been FAR TOO long unless they just revamp the show entirely. Stuff like that just don't happen in the animation biz. ^_^

The third and final contingency factor is that of Toon Disney, and Buena Vista Studios: current owners of the liscense to the "Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog" series, with Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, etc. Now - the past has proven that if one Sonic show is in syndication, other series most likely will follow that other show. Remember, USA also owned both SatAM and AoSTH together. Deciding to not run cartoons ANYMORE, USA lost the liscenses to ALL thier major cartoons with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Janurary 1, 2000. SatAM _WAS_ included in these cartoon losses. However - both it, AoSTH, and Sonic Underground are produced by DiC. DiC is a subsidiary and is partly owned by Disney.

If and only if SatAM was to appear again - nine times out of ten: Toon Disney would get it and NOT Cartoon Network, since Cartoon Network is owned by Time Warner and AOL. So writing letters to Cartoon Network will most likely do NO GOOD, since its Disney that owns the biggest liscence of them all AoSTH with its 66 episodes and parts of SU with its ownership of DiC. The larger the amount of eps - the better chance for syndication depending on popularity and demographics. And both SU, SatAM, and AoSTH really aren't all that popular on both ends of the stick. If SatAM is to ever appear again in reruns, the best bet is to write letters to Toon Disney and NOT Cartoon Network, as CN has other plans for its scheduling lineup. Hope that clarified a LOT of questions guys. Later. ^_^

DC Sales Reach 1.5 Million in US!

We now have the sales figures in, and as of December 31st, the Dreamcast has officially sold 1,550,000 units! This has indeed exceeded all previous expectations. Remember that the original expectation was for the DC to get to 1.5 million by March 31st.

In a related story, in Europe, Sega Europe has announced that 650,000 units have been sold as of today, the 11th. This is very good, considering how small of a video game market Europe is.

This means so far, in America and Europe, the DC has broken sales records. And with Shenmue already out in Japan with a huge positive impact over there, expect the same to happen domestically once we get that title along with the likes of Chu Chu Rocket, Dead or Alive 2, Crazy Taxi and more.

Cartoon Network and TMNT

Cartoon Network has bought the rights to air Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What does this have to do with Sonic? Well, USA has had the contract for TMNT, but they're dropping the rights to most of their cartoons. Presumably, this would include SatAM. If this is the case, then another network could buy the rights to show SatAM, and it could return to the air, without the USA cuts!

Sonic Team Announcement Forthcoming?

I received my newsetler from IGN yesterday by email. Take a look at this article about what does Sonic Team has in store for the near future:

It seems that Sonic Team has a few secrets they'd like to reveal within the coming weeks.

When Sonic Team announced that they had four new Dreamcast games in the works, we were shocked to hear that a sequel to Nights was not on the cards. Instead, Japanese gamers got an updated version of Sonic Adventure, a wacky puzzle game known as Chu Chu Rocket and a quirky arcade offering in the form of Samba De Amigo.

Also announced was Phantasy Star Online, but with that title being far from completion, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Yuji Naka's company had its hands full. However, that may not be the case. Apparently, Sonic Team is set to announce something that will make Sega fans worldwide extremely happy. Unfortunately, we have yet to hear what team leader Yuji Naka has in mind.

There are a few likely possibilities, though. We all know that a sequel to Sonic on the Dreamcast has been confirmed, but we've yet to hear any information whatsoever on the title. It may be the case that Sonic Team is behind the latest installment, and with a release date for late this year, the first pieces of information are bound to be released very soon. Also possible, though, is the confirmation of a release date for Phantasy Star Online. When will the title hit Japan? Gamers worldwide would certainly be pleased to be on the recieving end of some solid details.

Finally, the aforementioned Nights 2 comes into the fray, and to be honest, this is the one for which we've all got our fingers crossed.

So, which one will it be? We're hoping for the latter, but more details on the two confirmed projects would be very nice indeed. Let's hope the wait isn't too long. -- Matthew Langan, IGNDC

Source: IGNDC

SHQ and the Sonic Emmy Awards!

The Super Sonic Zone, Tristan's site, has named the winners of the Sonic Emmy Award! Visitors to the site voted on which sites they considered the best in each category. I won't tell you who won each award here, but I will say that SHQ did win at least one, as did tSF, The Sonic Stuff Research Group, and numerous others. We'd like to thank our visitors for this great honor. ^_^

Source: The Super Sonic Zone

SonicNEXT Officially Opens

Zifei Wu, former hed of Sonic HQ, and several other HQ members have opened a new Sonic source, SonicNEXT. If features everything essential to the Sonic fan: News, Game Information, Comic and Cartoon Info, a section devoted to Fan Material, and more. To check it out, click here.

Interview with Rotor The Walrus

Sonic HQ's exclusive interview with Freedom Fighter - Rotor The Walrus is here!.....How in the world did we do that you ask? Well, anythings possible in a cartoon! ^_____^ The following message was sent to him (or rather written in advance) to precede the interview. This interview is by Bumper. Now, read on!

Interview with Sonikku Team

Welcome to Sonic HQ's exclusive interview with Sonikku Team member CyberKnux! Sonikku Team is working on several fan games, including Sonic Quest and Metal Sonic Quest. Henry Prower is the host of this interview.

SA Fan Comic Updated!

Thanks to Tim, we've learned that the SA Fan Comic has been updated. Click here to read it.

The Sonic HQ Relaunch!!!!!

Sonic HQ is officially working! There should be no missing links anywhere on the site, except in "Fan-Fics" (due to an unexpected transfer error), and "Music" (where the links DO work - you just have to see the explanation on the main music page to use them properly). If you find any, please e-mail

Part of this project involves a relaunch of the Games List, too - you'll find new designs on many of the pages there.