Sonic Adventure 2

DeveloperSonic Team
Genre3D Platformer
JP ReleaseJun 23, 2001
US ReleaseJun 20 2001
EU ReleaseJun 23, 2001
Platform(s) Dreamcast
PS Network
XBox Live Arcade
Characters Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Eggman, Rouge


Besides featuring a great game overall, SA2 really allows you to play the game any way you want, much like the best of the 2D Sonic games. It does this with an incredibly well-designed replay system featuring tons of variations on level selects and a wide variety of emblem games. There are 5 missions in each level, and you get a ranking for each one you complete. E rankings are easy to complete for even a beginning gamer, and A rankings are a challenge even for a master.

The basic concept is that you play 2 differet sides of the same adventure - Hero and Dark. Hero Side includes Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, with Amy as a non-playable story character. Dark Side includes the now-playable Eggman, and 2 new characters, Shadow The Hedgehog and Rouge The Bat.


Dr.Eggman's grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, had worked on a top secret project for the military agency GUN over 50 years ago. Dr. Eggman, in his Egg Walker, breaks into GUN headquarters to discover what the weapon is. He finds a black hedgehog named Shadow who has an incredible resemblance to Sonic. After they escape from the military facility, Sonic is captured by GUN. He escapes and finds that he has been mistakeen for Shadow, who calls himself the "Ultimate Life Form" and shows off his ability to manipulate time with "Chaos Control." Sonic is recaptured by GUN but then rescued by Amy and Tails, who is sporting his new upgraded Tornado model. Meanwhie, Knuckles wards off a jewel thief by the name of Rouge The Bat who wants the Master Emerald. Eggman shows up to steal it himself, but Knuckles breaks it instead. And all this is in 4 levels.


Sonic Adventure 2 has been rereleased for XBox Live Arcade and the PS Network in October 2012. In the new release, it is now HD (720p) with also the addition of leaderboards. It can be purchased for $9.99 on PSN and 800 MSP for XBox Live Arcade. For an additional $3/240MSP, you unlock the Gamecube version.

It is noteworthy that in this rerelease, there is no new way to migrate your chao in or out of the game. Those features have been entirely taken out.

Differences between Gamecube version and Dreamcast version

  • The graphics are a bit clearer and more vibrant
  • New rendered intro has been added
  • 2-player mode has been expanded
  • The hidden Bigs have been taken out of the game for some unknown reason. (With exception in the rerelease of the game)
  • You can FINALLY see Chao stats in-game rather than having to load Chao into the VMU to view their stats.
  • Chao can now be loaded into Sonic Advance for Gameboy Advance rather than the VMU. Chao from Sonic Advance can also be loaded into SA2: Battle.
  • The Chao black market (available for SA2 on the SA2 website) is now included in-game and you can buy Chao upgrades with rings.
  • There are many more levels available for all 3 of the 2-Player modes from SA2.
  • A 2-Player Chao fighting game has been added. Unfortunately, it's all based on stats and fairly passive.
  • Amy, Metal Sonic, Chao Walker, Tikal, and Chaos 0, previously available as hidden characters in SA2, are now available automatically. Big has been replaced by a Dark Chao Walker. In addition, while the SA2 versions were just alternate sprites for the main cast, the SA2: Battle version of each character have unique attacks and different stats for top speed and acceleration.
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