Amy Rose

Japanese Name
Romanized Name
Emii Roozu
Nick Names
Rosy The Rascal, Princess Sally (a pseudonym used by SoA in 1993 to cross-promote the SatAM cartoon)
12 (original official age was 8, but was changed between Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure)
September 23
90 cm
Station Square
Sonic, Shopping
Lovely Kiss Attack, Pico Pico Hammer Attack, Hammer Flip Jump, Hammer Whirl
Limited Battle Ability, At Times "Professional Hostage" ^^
Weapons & Items
Pico Pico Hammer, Warrior Feather, Breeze


Amy Rose - the young hedgehog with a hopeless crush on Sonic! Sonic could do without her, but once she's got a hug in edgewise, there's no shaking her off!

One of Sonic's biggest fans, Amy tagged along with him to Never Lake when Eggman tried to take control of the Little Planet in Sonic CD. She was kidnapped by Metal Sonic to be the prize in its famous race with Sonic.

After Sonic rescued her, Amy met him a few times in competitions, but mostly shopped around Station Square, where she has an apartment. She didn't do much adventuring, until one day a bird flew into her groceries while she was daydreaming about her adventures with Sonic on the Little Planet. The bird was flying away from Zero, one of Eggman's new E-100 series robots. She helped the bird to hide, and protected it from Zero until meeting Sonic. After getting kidnapped once again, she was rescued on the Egg Carrier not by Sonic, but by a mysterious and unlikely ally. As she continued fighting Zero, she eventually became more independent and decided to win Sonic's respect rather than chasing after him all the time.

Little Amy is more than just an annoyance. She's mastered the Lovely Kiss Attack, a charm move that confuses its receiver into a mindless daze. She has few redeeming hand-to-hand combat qualities, but her Magical Hammer can easily pound a few braincells out of any opponents with just a light swing. It's this colorful, oversized mallet that she used to hold her own in the Sonic Championship fighting tournament. Her "Pico Pico Hammer Attack" also keeps her path clear in Sonic Adventure. Amy also has two small cars that she uses for travel. The Breeze is a small blue car that almost seems to have a mind and face of its own. She's also got a red convertible, which she used in the World Grand Prix. It's lifeless and a little on the slow side, but it comes equipped with an automatic hover engine and a Turbo Boost!

Notable Quotes

I'll always be there for you in the best and worst times. You can be my sweetest honey for all of eternity.


Hero: Sonic the Hedgehog
Friends: Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Bark the Polarbear, Bean the Dynamite
Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Fang the Sniper, Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Tails Doll, Eggrobo, Zero