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Announced as a new partnership for Sega in 2017, IDW will be the future publisher of Sonic comics with books starting in 2018. An all new adventure!


Sega's partnership with Archie lasted for 24 years, 1993 - 2017 with over 500 books in total released. Latter issues were never released as Sega opted to not renew its license.

StH: One Year Later - Karl Bollers provides an overview into the direction he would've been taking some of the characters post-Sonic #134 for your viewing pleasure.

Not everyone has access to a local comic book store. Wondering how/where you can get Sonic comics?

Physical Copies

  • Archie Store - Allows you to get the comics delivered straight to your door!
  • Comic Shop Locator - This can help with finding a local comic book shop

Digital Options

  • Amazon Affiliates - Please support the site by using the Amazon Affiliate links under a comic's information page.
  • Archie Digital - Just want a digital copy? This might help!
  • iOS App - If you have an iOS device (ipod touch, iphone or ipad) you will be able to read them on those devices
  • Android App - Additionally, if you have an Android device, you can also read the latest issues from within the app. Just search for Sonic within the app.
  • Google Play - Archie Comics are now featured in the Google Play Store.


The English "Sonic The Comic" follows a decidedly different tone than Archie! This bi-weekly book was published with new stories until 2000, when it went into reprints, which ended in 2002.

This section is largely incomplete.


Contains miscellaneous comics such as the promotional Sonic Forces comic.

About the comics

For those who want a little more in depth detail of the different Sonic comics out there or are new to the comics.