SHQ Questions and Answers

Shadow's Fate

At the end of the Last Story in Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow walks away saying, "Goodbye forever, Shadow the Hedgehog." Is this the end of Shadow?

sonic's "brother"

I heard on cheatcc that sonic had a brother named ashura. I've been trying to get info on him ever since. does anyone know anything about him?

Chao issue

Um, okay. This is about Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. One of my chao is getting pretty high up there, age wise, and I want to know that if he is reincarnated, or comes back after he dies, will he still have his stats? Or will I have to start from scratch? Thanks for the help.


Hey, I saw one of the questions on here was (something along the lines of),

Why don't you put whole comic books on this webpage?

In the response you said it was illegal unless money was involved.
My question then is.....
A. Why then do you put scans of 1 or 2 comic pages per book?


B. Would it be legal for me to put a couple comic scans on my webpage?

One Quick Question of Concern

I was wondering, does this site have the ability to let its viewers actually read the comics? All other sites i have been to only give cover scans. If this site allows the eading of the actual comics, please let me know how, and if i need to sign up any (cause i will)

chao gardens

how do you get a chao garde in sonic heroes?i know there is one but idont know how to get it?(i saw only an adualt with it so im sure its hard)

About Tails's Relatives...

Ok... question: did there happen to be any other info on Tails's relatives besides in Archie #129??? (That's just about all I could find around here, & their profiles really just restate the whole thing) I've also noticed that there's no profile for Rosemary Prower last time I checked, which is driving me NuTs.Just wanted to point that out. :D~Foshizzle~:D


After shrinking some cover scans to discover that all of them would take up over 10 MB of space which is half of our limited amount could we just make a link to your cover gallery?


I have been waiting for Tails parents to come back and it seems like they're never going to come! So I wanted to know do I have to wait much longer?

Sonic 1 Beta screenshots

Can I use the Sonic 1 Beta screenshots of the prototype zones for my own site?