Sonic The Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure!

According to Gamefan Online, the release date for Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket has been officially confirmed for Japanese release! Two of the most highly-anticipated NGPC games have now been given Japanese release dates in the month of December. Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure will ship on the 16th (selling for around $36 US). This will be followed on the 22nd with the fighting version of SNK vs. Capcom (selling for $41 US).

No box art has been released yet of the game

Source: IGN Pocket

Ken Penders On Future Knuckles Lineup, Sally's Death, The Sonic Adventure Crossover, and Future Sonic Stories

Ken Penders' recently released A TON of information concerning the latest developments of the Sonic The Hedgehog comic after the Knuckles cancellation, along with bring up the old topic of just WHY he planned on killing Princess Sally at the end of "Endgame":

  • Future Knuckles Lineup - Okay, now for some good news. I wrapped up work on the script to KNUCKLES: THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES and turned it into Archie's offices earlier today. It's 26 pages long, and features just about every major character you can think of, including the only Guardian who has never been seen or mentioned in the series before. It's got romance, drama, action, suspense, humor and one walloper of an ending. It is currently scheduled to see print in SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #14, and Steven will begin drawing it probably the start of next week.

    The final caption in the story reads: "The adventure continues in the pages of SONIC #86, as we and KNUCKLES embark on... THE ROAD TO ALBION." (News Note - "The 3 part "Road To Albion" trilogy was originally due to take place in Knuckles 35 before the cancellation.)

    So those of you who think Knuckles is only going to make token appearances in the SONIC series are mistaken. The stories will feature the same continuity and style of stories you've been following all this time. Sure, it's only eight pages a month, but it's better that than nothing at all, wouldn't you think?

    As for KNUCKLES: TWENTY YEARS LATER, now that I've wrapped production on THE LOST ONES #1, I'm spending the next couple of weeks concentrating exclusively on that one, and it is scheduled to see print in SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #16. (If we can move it up, we will, but for now, this is the best we can do.) Again, this one has some major surprises and revelations.

  • Sonic Super Special And Super Secret Special - I can't compare writing Sonic with Knuckles because both experiences have been so different, that anything I say would sounfd more in favor of Knuckles. However, I've never lost my fondness for Sonic as a character, and i have some major league plans for him. Let's just say that when the Super Special, Spaz and I are working on finally does see print, that should finally put to rest any questions on what my feelings are for Sonic. it'll be the wildest Sonic story yet, in more ways than one. The approach further defines the character as an iconic hero. To say more at this time would really spoil a lot of surprises at this time.

    SSS#12 was supposed to be a part of the Sonic Adventure adaptation, but that's been pushed back to #13, and now #12 is just a collection of stories we've been waiting to use, including the Comic Shop News 14-parter. #14 leads off with KNUCKLES: THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES, which is 26-pages in length. As for the rest of that issue, we haven't decided what to fill the rest of the pages up with. #15 or 17 will feature the SONIC story Spaz and I have been working on, and #16 will feature KNUCKLES: TWENTY YEARS LATER.

  • Sonic Adventure In The Comics - In the SA crossover, Sonic and Knuckles will be sort of sharing the spotlight, and this game adaption won't be like the last (i.e. Sonic & Knuckles, Triple Trouble) where Sonic does very little at all. Both characters are very much in the thick of the action. Also, the segments with Knuckles are not only an adaptation, but also continue the regular Knuckles continuity as well. (You're finally going to see the Mysterious Cat Country mentioned in the Brave New World Special, for one thing.)

    Usually, the most we ever see of a game BEFORE it comes out are a few pieces of production artwork and an outline of the story. That's it. We were lucky Spaz had a Japanese version of Sonic Adventure for us to work from, and even that wasn't as much help as we would have liked. We have asked Sega to supply us with all the necessary material to do the stories right, but nobody outside of the Licensing Department seems to think it important enough to do so.

  • Future Tales Of The Great War? - When asked on the concept of Sonic's parents getting married in the comic book, Ken had this to say:

    The Great War took several years, allowing Bernie and Jules the time to court (albeit a short time to do so) and get married. That just happened to be one detail I overlooked. Reading your post however gave me the inspiration to do a story about that very subject. I now just have to figure where and when it'll see print.

  • Why Ken Wanted To Kill Sally - Sega wanted to spare Sally Acorn on the premise they might still market her as a video game character aimed at the female market. Simple as that. As for why I felt Sally was holding back Sonic, it's more due to the inherit flaw in the premise of her being Sonic's superior. If he goes against her wishes too many times, he comes off as petulant and disobedient. On the flip side, if he tows the line too much, he risks being called a wuss. The name of the book is SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, not SONIC & SALLY, and so the hero has to have a certain amount of autonomy in order for the series to work.

    Part of the problem with writing Sonic (as well as Knuckles) is that he's a lone wolf, much like Spider-Man was in the early days, and yet the readers like to see him interact with friends and family. Lone wolves don't have much of an edge if they spend too much time with friends and families, y'know.

Source: Ken Penders Webpage

Sonic News Bytes

Hi everyone! I'm back from my week hiatus in Birmingham and ready to update! It's been a bit of a slow news week so I'll cover some smaller things that have happened recently: 

  • Sonic Internet News - Those of you wondering what was happening on the development of Sonic Robo Blast as far as fan games go, it seems Sonniku has vanished and A.J. Freda of has taken over as programmer. Whether this is permanent we're not sure of, but we'll be sure to tell you as we find out more information. 
  • Sonic Underground No More? - According to Sonic fan Rlan - it seems Sonic Underground has been cancelled in Australia. Either it reached its 40 episode maximum or the TV program that hosted it, "Big Breakfast", has dropped it from thier line up. This makes the second country that has supposedly dropped Sonic Underground, with the first being the U.K. Bad quality in the program perhaps? Personally thats what I think... 
  • Two New Midis - Well known Sonic Music Composer, Jarel Jones has released two new Sonic Adventure midis! This time around, it's a remix of the Competition tune from Sonic 3. Realize that some of the chords are different, but Jarel did that on purpose. Two versions were made, one GM and one XG. But neither have XG effects. Their only difference is in musical intruments. The GM midi uses instruments that sound better with Sound Blast 32/AWE cards (and Wingroove) while the XG version sounds better on cards such as the Yamaha Soft Synthesizer (S-YXG100 is a good example). You can access the midis here: 

    Thanks for being patient with me in my time of absence and sending letters asking where I was. Especially those who knew why I was away. Lets get down to the news! ^_^

SU on the Sci-Fi Channel

Apparently, Sonic Underground won't be on the Sci-Fi Channel for just this month. It will also be on at LEAST through November as well. In fact, Knuckles' first appearance in the show ("Friend Or Foe") will be shown that month.

Strangely enough, on the 29th of November, they show "Wedding Bell Blues" again, followed by "No Hedgehog Is An Island" again. Without even showing "Flying Fortess", which seems really odd. As for if it'll continue into December is as of yet unknown.

Sources: The Sonic Foundation and Sci-Fi Channel.

SatAM Petition

Sonique has sent this to Sonic HQ News concerning a petition to get the SatAM series back:

At Sonic Stuff and Perfect Chaos and various other Sonic sites, there is a petition you can sign to get the SatAM back on the air. I know you are all thinking of how it won't work but the reason past petitions didn't work was because the people in charge of them either gave up or didn't bother to send in the info. With the low ratings on SU, we may have a chance to get our favorite Sonic show back. New episodes? It's possible if enough people sign, but please don't disregard this petition because of others that didn't work. Sign it and show DiC and everyone else how much we want this back! Visit Sonic Stuff or Perfect Chaos for a link to the petition! If you are a webmaster, you may want to concider putting up a link to this on your page!

Good luck to all SatAM fans!

Sonic Newsgroup Report

Sonic the Fighters released in the US?

Here is what Zifei had to say about this:

First of all, Sonic the Fighters wasn't made the Sonic Team, it was made by AM2 (you know, the same people that made Virtua Fighter, Daytona...) for the Titan STV arcade board. As for a Saturn version, SoA is still thinking over a release is possible. But the port is done by a Japanese team, and the port isn't complete. Right now, all the SoJ programmers are busy with DC games. So if Sega is to bring on StF, they'll have to hire a third party to finish the port.

2 responses to the same thread:

I doubt [that the port will be made]. Sega have officially admitted that there will be no more Saturn games produced after the ones they've already made.

...Or at least, that's what SoE/SoA have said. Thanks, SEGA. However, SoJ are being the 'good guys' again, and are making (a few more) Saturn games...And BTW, Sega officialy canned Sonic Fighters/Championship about a half-a-year ago.

Copyright Issue

If you have a Sonic site at all, please read this. I have seen a lot of people making these kinds of mistakes. Sonic and anything related to Sonic is the sole copyright of Sega. Archie and DiC don't own a thing. And neither do you, even if you make a game, character, fanfic, or some other junk (unfortunately, about 97% of fan games, fan characters, and fanfics are junk in my opinion), because Sega instantly owns the copyright. You can't sell anything you make that's Sonic related either. It may sound mean, but if you want to make money, make a new game series.

I have seen some conflicting opinions on the 'net about this. I'm not sure who is right. Ken Penders also said something similar.

Note from Vector: the next 2 articles are old. I apologize for not sending them in earlier.

More Hidden Zones? (This time for Sonic & Knuckles):

I FINALLY got into a GamePatch server yesterday, and I found a code that said access to unfinished level. There were 2 versions of this code and I was wondering, what is this zone called, are there any pictures of it, and has anyone played it? I put the codes up here:

This person tried the Game Genie code but couldn't get it to work. There's also an Action Replay version.

Here's 5 posts on the 4 fan comic series that are on the 'net (that I've heard about):

I just kind of thought that the D Chronicles was kind of a bad idea, so I'm trying to make a comic that is in the Sonic anime universe. More information at a later date. - Danehog

Stefan, the penciler for the series already finished the first page!(and the page is cool, believe me!) Pretty soon, you'll be able to read ish#1(when it's finished) at the following page:
No, it's not fancy, and it's used with their OLD homepage builder, simply because I don't want to put a lot of time into making the webpage. I just want to post the comic pages and be done with it. - Danehog

Im in the making of a comic series and i was woundering if any of you have a real good coloring program and would like to color the FIRST issue of it?? I only need the first issue colored. For more info, check out my site at or just e-mail me at

I'm making an online comic called A SegaSonic Adventure, which'll be also an RPG. The request of mine is simple, would anybody here be an alternate writer? - Stuf

Good luck mate - I've been advertising for ages and I haven't had any writers sign up to Sonic Ideal yet. I've got a few artists, but I'm having to do all the writing myself at the minute! - David Bulmer

About Sonic Ideal, I read a post a few weeks ago that definitely increased my confidence in the series. All the characters were researched on Japanese sites, and David Bulmer said that every character will have substantial parts in the series. I'm sorry I couldn't remember more, but it was a while ago.