SEGA announces: Official Dreamcast Championships 2000!

SEGA recently announced the date and location for the official Sega Dreamcast Mobile Assault Tour Championships! Date: February 5th, 2000. Location: Sega GameWorks on the Las Vegas strip.

Two teams of Sega Dreamcast Mobile Assault Vehicles(MAT vehicles) are touring more than 45 cities and 200 locations. For those of you who dont know, the MAT chalenges you to play a special edition of Sonic Adventure. At the final event in Las Vegas, the best four competitors from the MAT will compete for a prize of -- get this -- $15.000!! The four finalists will be announced in mid January.

On the event (which, in case you havent guessed it yet, is open to all) SEGA has prepared a lot of surprises for us! One of which is a LIVE performanse from a band. However SEGA has yet to announce which band will be the one to do the show.

So, if you're looking for an excuse to get to Las Vegas for a weekend, look no further 'cause SEGA seem's to be planing one hell of a party!

Source: IGNDC
Want to know more about MAT? Check this.

Secret SEGA project in development!

According to IGNDC, SEGA actualy has a secret game in development! Take a look at this article:

In the latest issue of Denki magazine, it was reported that Sega is currently working on a secret project which is due to be announced next March. According to the report, it's rumored that the game will actually be an update to one on Sega's previous consoles.
Sega Japan has made no official statement on the matter to date, but considering the game would only be in planning at this stage, we wouldn't expect it to. So, anyone up for a Dreamcast version of Shinobi or Golden Axe?

It's possible that SEGA is trying to bring some of it's old legendary titles to DC. Also, do note that, sinse the game is rumored to be an update of an older format, it is possible that we may see something that many Sonic fans out there tenaciously ask for. Can you say Sonic Jam 2 kiddies? Only time will tell...

You can see the original article here.
Source : IGNDC

Ho Ho Ho!

A new download is present on the Sonic adventure Homepage! This turns station square into a winter wonderland, ok so I lied, it just puts up a couple of Christmas trees around the place. The download takes up about 55 blocks in your VMU.

Also, there is a little surprise if you make Sonic go near one of these trees.

Source : IGNDC

Dreamcast UK reviews SA.

While I was checking the website of the Dreamcast UK magazine I came across a review of Sonic Adventure. While it's not something new, it's realy interesting to check out since it's quite funny.

You can read the review here.
Source:Dreamcast UK magazine webpage

Chu Chu!

NextGenVideos has reviewed Chu Chu Rocket! with 13 screenshots and exclusive footage of the game in action! Go see it here


The return of.......Knuckles?!

thats what Ken penders hinted, there may be a chance that the Knuckles Comics could come back!

"At the risk of fanning a few flames here, I just thought you guys would like to know that there's been talk recently of reviving the KNUCKLES series. Whether this is due to an uptick in sales that hasn't been disclosed to us yet, a resolution with distribution problems, a response to the petitions they've been receiving, or a combination of all of the above, I can't say. What I can say is that the subject HAS been mentioned to Justin, and that he's waiting for them to give him some idea of what they're thinking is. So if you still want your KNUCKLES series back, feel free to continue your efforts. You MAY just get your wish. (I CAN'T say you definitely will, but some hope is better than no hope, right?)"

So rub your hands together knuckls fans, your dream might just come true, again

Save our Knuckles!

Ken Penders Page

Conectivity is the future!

I may not be member of the SHQ, but I came across some rather interesting information. So I asked Vec and he helped me pull this off.
The December issue of the British "Dreamcast offical magazine" has some realy interesting info about DC and the newly apeared Neo Geo Pocket. Let's see what they had to "say"...

"DREAMCAST'S LITTLE BUDDY -- handheld fun is waiting in the sidelines with the Neo Geo Pocket

While the VM unit has the honour of acting as memory unit and handheld toy, it looks like Dreamcast might also have another pocket pal before too long.
SNK's Neo Geo Pocket is being heavily touted as the Game Boy Colour alternative this Christmas. With a colour LCD screen and quality joystick it might just prove to ba as popular as the 10 year old Nintendo machine.
For us Dreamcast owners though, this little toy could prove to be a useful complement to your console. We're expecting a link-up cable to be released before the end of the year to conect a Neo Geo Pocket to a DC. The idea is to release compatible versions of each game, so that you can, say, train fighters on one system and use them on the other.
SNK's first game to make use of the link is "King of Fighters R-2", wich will link up with "King of Fighters 1999" on Dreamcast early next year. SNK hopes to broaden this apeal to a number of title next year"

Well that's realy cool if you ask me. Offcourse, there are no plans for Sonic Pocket Adventure to support this feature yet, but you never know. Also DO note that SEGA is promising that the DC will link up with many other machines other then SNK's handheld.

Dreamcast magazine UK website:

Weekend News Shorts

The Ice Cap World Rankings are over, and the Japanese dominated this one. FINFIN from Yokohama won, with 49,100 points! The closest to that was 31,050, from Josh Feinberg in California. In Europe, the DC has hit half a million units sold, and Sonic Adventure is selling at almost a 1:1 ratio with the units. And, finally, SA was the third best selling DC title for November in the US. The top two were, you guessed it, NBA and NFL2K.

That's a Spicy Meatball!

Bradleyhas informed me that Franco American, who produces the Sonic the Hedgehog Spaghetti O's, has changed the label to reflect the new Sonic Adventure look. You can have a look here. The new Spaghetti O's can be found in your local supermarket.

Sonic toys in Wizard...

Nothing much, but as I was flipping through Wizard: The Comics Magazine #100 today, I noticed the ReSaurus Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles action figures in the toys section:

Hedge Your Bets
Speeding from video game consoles everywhere, it's Sonic the Hedgehog! Woo-hoo! ReSaurus is bringing the high-speed Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog to toys stores this November, along with his pals Knuckles and Tails. Each figure is 3 3/4-inches tall and comes with a sculpted base and ring accessories. And the line's rounded-out by and 11-inch boced Sonic figure that talks and is only available at Toys R Us.

Hey, it may be late, but it's something, right? :P

NOTE: I posted this at 3:00 PM today (just a few minutes ago), but for some reason I can't get it to say it was PM. It just keeps saying AM for some reason. :P