The First Official Sonic The Hedgehog/IDW Town Hall

In a blog post on IDW's site, IDW announced a date and time for their event with Sonic at the New York Comic Con.

Attention convention goers, IDW and Sega are bringing the once and only Sonic The Hedgehog to New York Comic Con! 

The First Official Sonic The Hedgehog/IDW Town Hall

October 08, 2017, 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM

1A02, Javits Center

At SDCC, IDW announced they were taking over the Sonic the Hedgehog comic license. The comic isn’t being released til 2018 but this is the first official chance for fans to get in front of the editors to get to know them, hear some hints about what’s to come, share your own history with Sonic, and generally have an informal meet-and-greet with IDW CCO Chris Ryall, Editor Joe Hughes, and just maybe a special guest or two! Everyone in attendance will also leave with a special Sonic something, too! Join us on the ground floor of an all-new adventure with Sonic, won’t you?, won’t you?

Speakers: Joe Hughes, Chris Ryall

Sounds like those who attend will get a little swag as well. It's likely we'll learn the direction for the comic and maybe who'll be at the helm writing it. Ian has been teasingly saying "Knowing smile" on Twitter. Could he be the writer? Hopefully we'll find out Oct 8!

Casino Forest Gameplay

Finally, for the first time in months we get a glimpse at a new level in Sonic Forces. Up till now it has been variations of the same two levels. This level combines your typical casino level with a forest-twist!

Sonic Mania ver. 1.03 patch out today!

Sonic Mania received an update today, bringing the game up to version 1.03 and bringing with it a tiny amount of changes. The most notable change is that there is now a separate command for turning into Super Sonic. Triangle for PS4, Y for Xbox, and X for Switch Example. Also included are:

  • Leaderboards no longer crash the game on PS4.
  • Using the Bubble Shield bounce as the second act of a zone started no longer crashes the game.
  • The game no longer saves your score after finishing a game file. Starting on any level from a finished game file resets the score to 0.
  • When recording on PS4, a Sega copyright logo would be plastered onto the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It's now been removed.
  • Some general bug fixes such as glitching into Knuckles' section in Green Hill with Sonic.
  • The Dunkey easter egg was removed.
  • Switch home delay has been fixed

If you haven’t gotten around to checking the game out yet, make sure to check out our review for Sonic Mania.

Sonic Forces Theme/White Jungle Remix

SEGA shared a new video that offers a sneak peek at how the London Symphony Orchestra helped build the main orchestra theme featured in Sonic Forces. Check it out below.


During the Sonic Forces concert a remix of White Jungle theme from Adventure 2 was played, leading many to speculate that the stage is returning in Forces. 

What do you think? Is White Jungle going to be a level in Episode Shadow? Discuss it at our official forums!

Unused Sonic Mania Boss, "EggJanken"

Data miners have done it again! Some digging into the PC version of Sonic Mania was done and found an interesting, unused boss in the files. It looks like a callback to the mini boss from Act 1 of Flying Battery Zone in Sonic & Knuckles. It floats around the stage and you essentially play a game of rock, paper, scissors by hitting the button when it is on the correct counter to the tile on the right while avoiding its swinging arms. Here's a video of the full boss fight:


NY Comic Con promises IDW info

Comic Cons have given us more Sonic comics news than at any other time in the last year combined. San Diego comic con gave us the news of SEGA’s shift from Archie to IDW. New York Comic Con, which takes place next month starting October 8, will answer the big question that now lingers in the minds of Sonic comic fans: what will the IDW Sonic era be like? Stay tuned to Sonic HQ, your ultimate Sonic source, for details!

Have thoughts on the new comics or the Archie debacle? Discuss it at Sonic HQ Forums!

Episode Shadow is a free add-on!

Just announced by Sonic's official Twitter, Episode Shadow will be a free add-on! This is a spectacular surprise adding even more value to the title. Also posted was a small snippet of 2D gameplay. 

Episode Shadow DLC for Sonic Forces

Marking the first time since Sonic '06 that Shadow has been playable is Episode Shadow for Sonic Forces. It's a three-stage ministory about Shadow and Infinite that also unlocks Shadow playability in Modern Sonic stages. Discuss this on our official Sonic Forces topic.

Get EPISODE SHADOW to uncover the untold story of the new villain, Infinite, and rediscover three updated stages playing as Shadow. Plus, play as Shadow in over 10 Modern Sonic based stages! Experience the full story behind the new villain's rise to power and as you find renewed replayablity across Modern Sonic stages. The fate of Sonic the Hedgehog's world is in your hands – Join the Uprising.

New Sonic Forces Trailers

Two new trailers aired today in Japanese, translated for your convenience. 

Interrupting your evening for this very important message from Dr. Eggman!

ATTN: Help wanted!

You heard it folks, Knuckles is the leader of the resistance! Stay tuned to Sonic HQ for more Tokyo Game Show news.

In the meantime, feel free to discuss this in our forums! ? Sonic HQ Blast Forum ?


Sonic 2 HD is back!

A few days ago Team S2HD made a very surprising announcement, development has resumed on this long fabled fan game that's been 9 years in the making. Team S2HD released a new video showcasing the new footage. 

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