SHQ Editorials

Chaos Emerald Theories

Theories about chaos emerald properties, based on their different depictions in the games.

Sonic Canon Part 2

In Part 2, Crazy Penguin analyzes the rest of the games.

Sonic Canon Part 1

The debate over which games are part of the Sonic storyline and which ones aren't. In Part 1, Crazy Penguin does a rather thorough analysis of the games that everyone considers to be part of the Sonic storyline giving his views as well as theories to deal with plot contradictions found in them.

Sonic Adventure STC: Out With A...BANG !!!

Sonic Adventure is more than just a tie in for STC fans. It also marks the coming of the end of new stories for the long running United Kingdom's "Sonic The Comic". Well known UK STC fan Ed Reynolds talks about the UK side of the Sonic Adventure adaption! Was it any good? And as the final story in a 184 issue masterpiece called Sonic The Comic - will the book go out on a bang or a whimper?

SegaSonic: SegaSally The Squirrel?

Is Princess Sally just a tool of SoA? Does she even remotely deserve the kind of treatment Sega gives Sonic, or is she just another "quasi-character" butting into the real deal? A Sally fan takes a look at the neglect Sega gives Sal.

Never Judge A Furry By Its Cover!

An editorial on the miserably failed Sonic Love Showdown Poll that questioned who would make the better girlfriend Amy Rose or Sally Acorn! Needless to say its a good editorial, but the poll itself started from unabashedly flawed concepts...

Why Sonic Is Failing

Sonic fan Sonique gives her views on the cause/effect of the downfall of the hedgehog - touching from Sonic Comics to SatAM to Sonic Underground. The ending of the piece "I Await Your Flames" says it best ^_^

Why is there no Sonic Anime Comic Adaption?

Wonder just why Archie can do a Sonic Adventure adaption, but not take the time to do an adaption of the anime? Sonic fan, gamer, and artist Micheal Stearns takes a good and insightful look at just why we won't see one and lays down some facts as well.