I have 3 questions for you guys.....
1)Do you guys know that your web site is often mentioned in the sonic the hedgehog comic?
2)The other day i went in one of your old question sections and i found some guy named fexus fan,everybody seemed to hate him,so who is he anyways?
3)In the final battle in sonic battle you have to fight Emerl but his powers and speed are so boosted that i can't seem to defeat him!Can i have some tips........

thank you-_-
1) Those that read it would know, though it's not that often.
2) Classified information beyond what is noted on the Staff page.
3) If you're having problems, use the special attacks in combination, preferably setting "shot" to Ground and then using either "power" or "trap" as Aerial depending on which you feel more comfortable using. This way you can keep Emerl from getting close to you as much as possible if you time your special attack well. You will have to alternate them (so get real comfortable using two of them) as Emerl will usually defend himself from whichever special attack was used on him when he returns after being KO'd.

--True Red