Im having trouble when I lock sonic the hedgehog 3 onto sonic and knuckles. The problem is the sega logo is scrambled ,and the sonic and knuckles title screen comes up instead of the sonic 3 and knuckles title screen. My data is also erased and I cannot get it back. Yes I did clean the cartridge and check all the connections. Not only that if sonic 3 and knuckles comes up it is scrambled, and resets before the title screen comes up. More trouble yet if the sonic 3 and knuckles title screen comes up that is also scrambled. How do I fix these problems?
Sometimes the game don't want to connect especially if they're old. Try putting it on different ways and be sure that all the connectors, including the Genesis slot itself are cleaned. Try locking Sonic 3 on certain ways and putting the S&K card in certain ways. If nothing still seems to work then maybe the game(s) have burnt out. I have the same problem with mine and sometimes they just need some extra cleaning and being put in just right to get them to work.

~Ron Prower