hi i was woundering if you could show super sonic, mega tails, hyper knukles and ultra amy on your web site or just show a pitchuer of them. and how do you get those characters on sonic advance and sonic adventure on dreamcast thanks from james borley
First off, Mega Tails and Ultra Amy don't exist. Read the profiles to learn about the super forms of Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles. You can find screenshots of Super Sonic in the downloads gallery. You can find a few comic scans of Super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles (the equivalent of Super Knuckles in Sega) in the scans gallery. Only Super Sonic is in Sonic Advance & Sonic Adventure. Details on getting Super Sonic in Sonic Advance are here. In Sonic Adventure, you have to beat everyone's game to unlock the last game (marked with a yellow question mark in the character select screen) in which you play as Super Sonic at the end against Perfect Chaos. --True Red