1)How do i prove i am talented enough to become a staff member? 2)My friend told me there was a turbo tails, is that true and if so, what does he look like? 3)Is sega going to make another game on the s3 & k series with the death egg? (I want to know because the death egg games are the best!!!) 4)If the metal sonic from sonic cd was created between s1 & s2, how come eggman just didn't rebuild him for s3 & k? 5) Will creme be in any other games besides sonic advance 2? 6)can metal sonic from sonic anime go super? Please answer these questions and I love your site.
1) Check the joining staff page, located in the staff page.
2) Turbo Tails only exists in Archie Comics and check the Sonic scans for pics of him.
3) Maybe.
4) Because he already had a new robot.
5) No one knows.
6) No.

~ SA Tails & True Red