you guys all know that in the sonic games(exept sonic heroes i think)jun senoue does alot of the music and that kinda stuff....
but in sonicX who does the theme song is it just jun senoue or is it someone else???
also in sonic heroes,did jun senoue help with the music?caus they all say that all the work had been done by "crush 40" and some guy named ted poley i think?
The music director for Sonic X's English version is John Sands. The Japanese theme is by Hironobu Kageyama and Hideaki Takatori.
Jun Senoue most certainly did the music for Sonic Heroes, as he was its sound director. Crush 40 is his band - he's its guitarist. Ted Poley, while not a member of Crush 40, lends his vocals to "Lazy Days - Livin' in Paradise" (SA), "Escape From the City" (SA2), and "We Can" (Heroes). Many of the vocal themes in Heroes were created by Jun Senoue in collaboration with other artists.

~ Crazy C Lea