Ok...hi again.I was playing SA2B(again)and i was in the Hero Chao garden and on that bridge like thing.I was peting my almost Sonic chao bunny(the thing wont evolve!)and i was near the little arch thing.I looked on the down and there where shadows!There where moving too!My bro said it was just a glitch but someone on the internet was talking about invisable chao's.I can't pick or pet it though.Can you tell me what the heck they are?And can you tell me how long it normally takes to get a almost Sonic chao to evolve to a fully Sonic chao? Thanz,Shadow.
It's a glitch. Pure and simple. As for the almost-Sonic chao, it takes just as long to evolve any other type, just search around the Q&A for the full answer to that one.

~ SA Tails