1. Did Sega stop making games on GBA? 2.When will the New Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon be air on? 3.Is Playstation crushing Sega? 4.Will Sega lose more money that way if they make games on other systems? 5.Is Sega going to make Knuckles Chaotix for pc?
1) Nope, Sonic Advance 2 will be out soon, Phantasy Star games too.
2) It's on a website. www.naosth.com
3) Sega makes games for Sony systems.
4) Not really, if they're only on one system people wouldn't want to buy a whole new machine to play 'em, Sega's multi-platform so most of their games are released to most current systems, making more money for 'em.
5) No.

~ SA Tails