Okay, I recently got Sonic archie comic #123. It was cool and all, but somethings messed up here. After Sally drops the gun and she and Sonic kiss and all that stuff, Nack grabs the gun on the floor and (attempts to) shoot her. Wait a sec... Didnt Sal already use all of the ammo from that weapon? She even said that she was outta bullets. What the heck happened? It was empty!!
J. Axer said on Ken's MB: "I haven't yet received issue 123, so I haven't seen what was actually published. You see, in the original script and boards I drew, Nack DOES reload his gun. In review of the boards prior to being published and released, that panel was removed, and replaced with nothing but black as it was a last minute replacement, so nothing could fill the spot. This should be the black spot to the right of Nack reaching for his gun on the floor, underneath Mina crying her eyes out. This leaves the story with a literal hole that never explains the fact that Nack reloads his gun. The reason for this was that in drawing Nack reloading his gun, it was too realistic along the lines of loading an actual handgun. This cannot be shown in a comic such as Sonic, so it was removed. A sound decision if you really think about it, and I fully understand and support this decision. I was not told, though, and the change is never explained in the book thus leaving the gun to magically be resupplied with bullets. Just figured I would clarify that."

~ Crazy C Lea