1.How old do you have to be to join the staff here?
2.Is Sonic Team moveing out the Sonic Adventure Series and are going to make a new fresh Sonic game series insted of "Adventure"?
3.How come Archie dosen't put Amy in the comics as much?
4.Did Sega tell Archie to put Amy in the comics?
5.Dose Sonic have feelings for Mina in the comics?
6.Oh and when Clowie luv asked dose Sonic love Amy and you said Sonic Team isn't in that kinda of stuff and there was no way to tell. Well in my SA2 Prima's offical Strategy guide Amy's Profile in there said that "....Sonic feels that Amy is more trouble then She's worth but deep down he may have feelings for her." My question is this, if Sonic Team isn't into that kinda stuff. How come they put that in there? ( and Sonic Team and Sega helped Prima make the book too. cuz it says it in the book itself)
7.Is it true that Tails in the games dosen't like romanic kinda stuff?
8.How come Sega won't put Archie Characters in the game?
9. Will Sonic games appear in the Xbox?
10. Was Shadow the "ultimate life form" or not?
11. was Shadow immortal?
12. How come you guys stop answering questions by e-mail anymore?
Well thats it. Thanks for readind my question. I just hope you'll answer them. BTW GREAT SITE!!!
1. There really is no age requirement, it's based on your talents.
2. Yes, there has been rumors that Sonic Team is.
3. Probably because she doesn't fit into the current story line.
4. Probably not.
5. There seems to be, however Archie hasn't made it clear who he really likes.
6. It's obvious that he does, however Sonic Team doesn't want that kind of "feelings" being shown in the game.
7. Yes.
8. Because Sega is seperate from Archie and they each have their own story lines.
9. In the future probably, right now it seems more towards the GameCube.
10. The mystery surrounding that isn't exactly clear. There are solid arguments for both sides.
11. It's not been answered yet, have to wait to the next game.
12. Easier to handle this way