1. in the screen shots I saw 2 weird pctures for sa2 I saw big the cat in eggman's eggwalker how do i do that ? and I saw knux that had white stuff on his dread locks and black knuckles how do i do that.2.in sonic zero, sonic had white eyelids and sally had blond hair in sonic firsts sonic had blue eyelids and sally had brown hair why was it canged?3.how old is cream. 4. what happend in super special #10 with the sonic under ground characters
1) Get all A's in Eggman's missions and complete all Knuckles' missions respectively in SA2 and those are available in 2P-mode. Not available in SA2B.
2) Because the editors decided to not print Sonic #0 in Sonic Firsts as it appeared in the original Sonic #0 for whatever reason.
3) 6
4) Read the review in the comics review archive.

--True Red