hey guys! wassup? mind if i acked you some questions?
1: how do you unlock cream in sa3?
2:will old sonic people come back in the future?(like bean,bark ect.)
3: what is vector and charmy real eye coular?
4:i need a bean and bark plushie. PLEASE tell me were i can thme. pictures will do to.
5: i heard bean and bark made camos in sonic comic book. are they true?? if so tell me what comic(S)they appeared in. thanks. oh and you can tell im a BIG fan of bean and bark. thanks! ~son candy~
1. Complete Cyber Track Act 3 with Sonic in the lead.
2. Unknown.
3. As of Sonic Heroes, Vector's eyes are red and Charmy's are orange.
4. eBay is probably your best bet.
5. Issue #50 and SSS #6 Sonic #50 Director's Cut

~Crazy C Lea