1. If knuckles aorbed the master emreld did he absorb tikal and chaos? 2. what is sonics planet? Im hearing Earth in SA2 and in comics Mobias. 3.Is there SA2 Gmeshark CDX codes? 4.Why does sonic have robot parents? thanks
1) Knuckles never absorbed the ME in any universe.
2) Earth= games, Mobius= comics.
3) Not likely. SA2 doesn't really have anything to mess with.
4) Sonic's dad was a victim of Robotnik's tampering of the Roboticizer, which was created by Uncle Chuck, who was trying to make it so he could live without the pain of his major injuries, during the Great War. Sonic's mom was roboticized by Robotnik, who used Jules(Sonic's dad) to throw her in.

~ SA Tails & True Red