1) When you told me that my chaos were supposed to evolve they won't feeding rocking and petting won't work.2)Where would you find the staircases to the Hero and Dark gardens(besides chao lobby)3)Why did Shadow turn good and then die?4)How can you find Shadow's Acient Light?5)What do chaos look like when they reincarnate?
1. Firstly, the plural of chao is chao, not chaos. Anyway, your chao evolves at around age 1, which takes about three hours of in-garden time. It will go into a cocoon when it evolves.
2. They're in the lobby only; they DON'T appear anywhere else. Again, you must have evolved a chao to Hero or Dark before the stairs appear; if it hasn't gone into a cocoon yet, it hasn't evolved.
3. If you paid attention to the story, you'd know.
4. It's in Sky Rail, before the first checkpoint.
5. They look like baby chao. They may have kept some of their animal parts and start off slightly towards the alignment they had in their previous life. If it was a Dark chao prior, it'll have evil eyes when reborn.

~ Crazy C Lea