If you need proof that the world is beautiful and miracles can indeed happen, look no further. The SegaSonic Popcorn Shop has been dumped and will soon be emulatable in MAME!

As the name implies, this is a Sonic-themed popcorn machine complete with a little video screen, released in Japan in 1993.

The machine has a crank that you can turn for a little bit of interactivity while you wait. In this case, you have to help Sonic get away from a prancing Eggman who is trying to crush him (and your popcorn!!) with a giant mallet. Then you help Sonic actually cook your popcorn...? Of course, you'll still get it whether you actually touch anything or not.

Unfortunately, while you can emulate software, you cannot emulate actual food.

Recently, another obscure Japanese Sonic arcade rarity was dumped and preserved -- Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car. Essentially a glorified kiddy ride, Sonic drives around in a police car and obeys the laws of the road. Fun!