Thanks to Bumper for reporting this.

Few people may remember this - but Scott Shaw was the very first artist for the Archie Comics version of Sonic The Hedgehog. So what has Mr. Shaw been up to since he left Archie so many years ago? Well this is what he had to say recently in reference to one of his latest projects - the possible ressurection of DC Comics's Furry old days superhero "Captain Carrot":

I just wanted to check in and thank everyone for the interest in CAPTAIN CARROT AND HIS AMAZING ZOO CREW! I realize the series is fairly obscure (and myself even moreso) but the amount of effort and care that went into this site is impressive! (Refferring to the Captain Carrot website)

I've drawn and inked the page for WORLD'S FUNNEST; it looks like a terrific comic (as are most things from the mind of Evan Dorkin.) And Captain Carrot fans might want to check out Comic Book Resources in the near future, specifically Gail's weekly "YOU'LL ALL BE SORRY!" column. As for more substantial appearances of the Zoo Crew, you never know...nothing is definite, but our favorite superhero funny animals may not be confined to the back-issue boxes forever! (Although it's certainly true that the "Year Of The Rabbit" miniseries presentation I showed to DC never found a home there...) And no offense intended to the Brothers Grinn's work, but if there's ever a new CAPTAIN CARROT project, as 10% owner of the property (and its co-creator), I'm gonna be the one to draw it!

In the meantime, I've been working on more Pebbles cereal commercials (featuring the Flintstones), Alpha-Bits cereal commercials, Cartoon Network giveaway posters (cereal premiums) featuring the Flintstones and Scooby-Doo, cereal print ads for comic books and magazines and a ton of back-up stories for THE SIMPSONS COMICS (writing and drawing); I'm also writing a bunch of stories for the upcoming BART SIMPSON COMICS, also from Bongo.

No word on Sonic projects sadly, but we'll keep you updated if we find anything out. Its good to know the dude's still very busy after not hearing from him in Sonic fandom for years ^_^