So HQ,I was playing Sonic Cd and I was in Palm Tree Panic(I think Zone 2). I know I was at the begining and I was trying to time warp. Then Sonic crashed into the scenery and started to zip around extremly fast, even for him! After about 10 seconds of crazed dashing, he exploded out of the wall and stoped dead! The weirdest part was that he left a Sonic-shaped hole in the wall, like when a cartoon character runs through a door! Can you tell me how to do that again? I wasn't paying much attention untill it happened. Sorry for the long question. Thanks HQ, you guys are the best! P.S. Do any of you have info on the next upcoming Sonic game?
It's a shortcut. Just back track, jump on some invisible platforms and you're there.
P.S. Check the news page.

~ SA Tails