Hi, in sonic mega collection ,when you pick the games bar you will see listing of sonic games. Why do some of the games say ???, is that a secert game ? If so,how do you unlock them. One more queston, what are the steps to raise a chao to a chaos chao? Please answer back.
How to unlock the secret games was answered already very recently. --True Red

Chaos chao: have a chao reincarnate at least twice so it's on its third life or more. In the baby stage, give it one (and only one) of each of the 21 animals, and absolutely no chaos drives, and then turn it to whatever alignment you want (Dark Chaos chao = Devil, Hero Chaos chao = Angel, Neutral Chaos chao = Light). When it evolves it should become a Chaos chao, although it seems there's a small fail rate. This is for SA2B.

~ Crazy C Lea