Another point of view about the Sonic and Sally relationship.

What do I feel against Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Sally Acorntogether? Well, after have seeing opionions of everyone DIEING to seethem married, and SEGA is only screwing with them, I had to quicklywrite this all down before I forgot it.

Well, first of all, SEGA is NOT screwing with Archie. They onlywant everyone to see thier mascot for what he is. If you think aboutit, Sally is NOT in ANY SEGA games ((And Spinball doesn't count)).

Sonic is really the kind of guy who works alone, or with his sidekick,Tails. Sally seems to almost take the role of sidekick. Tails, in theeyes of SatAM, is only a small trainee, idolizing Sonic and acting VERYcute. Sally, much mature and older, ALWAYS goes with Sonic onmissions, telling Tails "You're too young." Now in SEGASonic's world,Sonic ALWAYS let Tails come along for a helping hand, and not only wascute, but was smart and mechanical. In SatAM, they had Sally be smart,and Rotor mechanical, once again bumping Tails into the "only cute"

Another thing: People always compare Sonic and Sally's love withthe kind of love on Robotech and other anime, which gives them exampleswhy Sally and Sonic should be together. Well compare this: What ifthere was this girl named Sophia in Super Mario Bros. who was NEVER inANY games, always nagged Mario, those two showing emotions to eachother without knowing, Toad just cute, hardly ever gets to be withMario, and Princess Toadstool just there once in awhile. And everyonewants Sophia and Mario to get married. Heh.. no one would agree withme on that... many want Princess Toadstool with Mario, no argument.

There is also this Amy Rose and Tiara Booboobski situation. Amyis the only girl in SEGASonic, who does have a crush on Sonic, andTiara was suppose to be Sonic's canon girlfriend, if not for thecancelation of Sonic X-Treme.

In theory, the people probably want Sally with Sonic becausethey've grown on SatAM cartoon series ((seeing that no one likedAoStH)) and Archie Comics. They see the writers putting those twotogether, so they get the idea that Sonic and Sally are a matchmade inheaven. No problem, actually, I just wanted to state what was goingon, and the reasons why SEGA go down Archie's back.

I mean, I have this one comic character I created when I was only7 ((I wont say who she is, for fear she'll be copied or stolen)). Shehas a whole backround and a love interest. Now if any comic or cartooncompany used her, and gave her a new set of friends and a differentlove interest, PLUS a different backround, I'd wanna make sure theyhave my character right. So I may have to cut back a few things.

Imagine how SEGA feels...

~Chuckie Chipmunk ^.^