For those of you who know, I recently sent out the SatAM Petition to quite a lot of compainies. Here's the bad news from ABC:

Thank you for your submission to American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. However, worthwhile, we cannot assume any obligation for ideas contained in your unsolicited submission. In an effort to avoid misunderstandings over the orginazaion or story ideas, it is our policy not to accept or review any ideas, suggestions or creative matericals not solicited by us.

As a nation orginization, we recieve a great number of program suggestions, many of which have similar plots, story lines, formats, and/or ideas to those created internally and/or already incorportated in other programs .
(not a misprint, that's how it was written)

Accordingly, enclosed please find your unexamined submission. We thank you for your interest and wish you all the best in your pursuits.


Some ABC Jerk....
Anyway, if they'd payed attention, they'd see I was more so asking for them to rerun the series, rather than make a new one. Then, eventually, maybe a new series or season. Anyway, this is gonna be harder than I thought, but hell if I give up. I will not give up and just hope others are writing letters and having more luck. If Ben Hurst is right, the new president of ABC doesn't give a damn about ABC, so I suggest writing elsewhere.