The site might look a little different to you today. This is because we thought it might be time to give it a massive UI overhaul. As you can see it gets a lot of cues from Sonic Mania.

You can toggle the comics listing on the main page by clicking the 2 column icon in the top blue bar. (Looks like this)

The comics section now allows for the future offerings from IDW. Placeholders for now. The Sonic Forces comic will also now appear there as well under "Other"

We also now officially have a new forum! Sonic Blast! This replaces the half baked forum that was here before. (The one at The old school Mobius Forum, still exists however. It was recently moved from Yuku to Tapatalk but there's very little activity there. (Or Ezboard -> Yuku -> Tapatalk if you haven't been keeping track.)

There may still be some bugs. They will get squashed.