Okay, some news to tell you all. The Website Crisis is OVER. I was able to obtain a credit card to use for SU.net, DTZ.org, and the sites at AC.net. Second off, DTZ is closing down TEMPERALY. I'm turning it into a SegaSonic site called DC-Sonic.com. Another note. I e-mailed Keith Palmer (Who happened to be the Senior Associate Producer at SoA, and was on Locationer's Staff in the SA credits), and checked in about Sonic Shuffle, just to make sure what I told you wasn't a case of miscommunication. Here's his reply:

"Hi Shayne,

I am glad you like the gifts from Sega. And of course, I will send you the new Sonic games when they are completed. If you every need anything, just give me a jingle. Take care and thank you again for all your help!

Best Wishes,

Keith Palmer"

Also, I may not vist other sites much, but this "Sonicteam.com is a scam" crap is bull. Read the reports below. One last thing: Sonic Underground is making a comeback in Africa and Austalia. It's back by popular demand and there's a rumor going on about a NEW 40 episode season in South Africa. Dunno if this is true or some form of miscommunication, but, it's happening, and it's "Taking on the World in a Blue Blur".