Holly takes a look at violence and comics.

Many people have complained about the violence level in Sonic andKnuckles comic books, especially Sonic's back-up stories. Now there are several things I would like to point out on why I think that the level ofviolence in the comics is something not to fret about.

1) This violence has been happening in the shadows.

2) It was a war, violence will happen. It's life, violence willhappen.

Chances are that you will see something worse in your history class.

3) There are more violent comic books out there.

4) If you are complaining about them or can't handle them, then you shouldn't read them. If it is too violent for you or your child, or whatever the case is, it's your problem. DON'T READ THEM. If you saythat comic books, movies, and video games are too violent for children tohandle, it is not those companies' fault. If your are a parent, your influence should be there, so your child has a grip of reality. If violencecomes out of a child, it just might be because of media influence. But that just means that the parents did nothing about what their child was doing, or watching. Like the title of this editorial: "Violence-Your Problem".

Fingers can be pointed, and media can be removed, (like Wal-Mart did to comic books because of one parent's complaint) but it all boils down tothe parents or guardians in the end. Besides, you must have some trust inyour child not to be violent, unless you think your child is really that out of control.

Now there is a certain fine line to this. Yes, there can be too much violence. But in these comic books, I think not. I for one do notthink they have crossed that line. Besides there could be worse violence inthe comics, or it could become vulgar, but it has not. Besides, they are adventure comics, with "superheros" so violence will be plentiful. ButI don't think these comics are violent. I've seen worse. Far worse. And I think we all have seen worse.

When you think about it, it depends on the audience if they buy these comics. If a parent discovers violence they do not want in their home,they can simply remove it, not try to persuade whole industries. It'sviolence, it's your problem.

Holli the Genet