Some over the weekend info from Ken Penders

*Note not the full posts, just the Sonic-related stuff is given. Post #1: Once I confirm with Bob which date suits the both of us, I'll have an online chat scheduled sometime between Sept 10 and the 17th at 7PM. Hope to see you there.

In regards to this website, updates are coming, they're in development, and it's taking longer than I thought for a variety of reasons. In the meantime, one area I will be updating through the weekend is the online store. As this website exists due to the proceeds raised through the store, and the demand has grown even stronger in recent weeks, I will be increasing prices accordingly. If you wish to take advantage of current back issue prices, now would be the time to order as the new prices will be keyed in by Monday.

As for the original art, the same rule applies. After doing a complete inventory, I've discovered I have less than 20 original Spaz Sonic covers, and once those are gone, the only ones available will be anything from #117 upwards. Currently, the earliest cover I now have available is #29. (The cover of #22 recently sold for $200.) The other covers I have available are 41, 44, 59, 65, 66, 69, 70, 73, 78, 79, 86, 88, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 97, 101, 110, and 114. In Addition, I have the covers to SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #1 and 15, as well as SONIC QUEST 2, SONIC BLAST and SONIC TRIPLE TROUBLE. I also have 5 or 6 KNUCKLES covers available (4, 11, 16, and 19 off the top of my head.) These are one of a kind collectibles that once they are absorbed by fandom at large wll be extremely hard to come by in the future. Due to increased demand and low inventory, the lowest price on any cover will be $200.

As much as I try to respond to e-mail, it is literally impossible for me to respond to everyone, so my apologies in advance to anyone I haven't replid to. Thanks for being patient with me. Take care.

Post #2: I've begun reinventorying my back issue stock, and I've discovered I have an extremely limited number of issues previously listed OUT OF STOCK - such as 1 copy of issue #18, 4 copies of #24, and 2 copies of #28, to give 3 examples. I'm also on the verge of selling out on many of the earlier issues as well as some of the the more recent, so if anyone has holes to fill in their collections, now's the time to do so.

If anyone wants any of their copies autographed, there's a box they can state whether they just want my signature or personalized to whomever is getting the book.

I've only just started the process, so if anything is listed OUT OF STOCK, just keep checking to see if it remains that way or if something becomes available. If it's something like issues from the PRINCESS SALLY mini-series, chances are I'll only have anywhere from 1 to 3 copies at best, so act fast if you want it, 'cause it will go fast in any event.

Source: Ken's Message Board