Yeah - I know this is off topic and YES I do encourage NOT posting off topic, but this just got me giddy! ^___^

Are you a fan of Japanese anime? Or more specifically are you a fan of "The Slayers" - The anime created by Japanese artists H. Kanzaka/R. Araizumi featuring Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, and thier partners in crime Amelia and Zelgadis! Well if so - REJOICE! The third and (so far) final installment of the series "The Slayers Try" will be available by Pre Order Date - April 10th. By Street Date - May 9th!

And all I have to say is ITS ABOUT DARN TIME. ^__^

The Slayers Try: Majestic Journey
Price - 19.95
Availabilty: Subbed and Dubbed Versions

New from Software Sculptors! In search of fame, fortune, and foreign food, Lina Inverse sets sail for the new world! Just who told her idiot companion he could steer? After the ship capsizes magnificently, Lina and friends scarcely have time to enjoy a decent meal before they're faced with a horde of demons and beast men. Feels like home already... Also available in English language dialogue (dubbed) format.

Source: Software Sculptors and Inverse.Org