Hey just wondering if you could put up some kind of timeline based on the Archie series, as continuity sometimes gets a bit hazy and I'm lost! You have dates on this site regarding when Sonic et al were born, but you don't seem to have any info on important dates, such as when the great war started, when Sonic's parents met etc etc.

Also, since Sonic's trip to space, which apparently lasted a year on the Mobius calandar, wouldn't that make the birthday Sonic celebrates in issue 150-something his 18th (as he would have had his 17th in space)?? I be confused!
It would take a lot of fan screaming for me to even think about doing a continuity outline as specific as what you're asking for for a few reasons. Some of the things you mention, such as when the Great War started, have never been given dates. Things that have been given dates, such as a few birthdates, are mostly all posted. There might be a couple missing so I won't say "all" of them are posted. The other reason is that Archie slightly overwrites established continuity--which can make it difficult to stick with their continuity completely.

As for Sonic's birthday, Archie has decided to be deliberately vague. There are a lot of rumors/theories abound and because Archie has basically stated that they don't plan on aging the characters (particularly right now), don't expect them to proclaim that Sonic is 18 or older especially since they do take into account that Sonic is supposed to be a teenager due to his age of 15 in the video games (and Sonic X).

--True Red