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Personally, I think Adventures was a really cool show. When I was small, I had seen every episode I could, and I even found test stations that showed them, allowing me to see 5 episodes on a Friday night, starting at 11 pm and ending at 2:30 am. I just wanted to know why people hate the show so much. After all, the first show I've seen to outrival that was Dexter's Laboratory. (Thank God CN got their act together and started doing Season 4 after 3 years!) Also, since I have never been particularly interested in getting any of the Sonic Comics, but I'm curious to the characters they made, do you have any list of the characters Archie put in that you have bios for? Finally, in SA2/SA2B, what's that "abyss" they talk about in getting the 2nd Hard Mode shard in the Aquatic Mine?

1) I can't help with #1.

2) Check the encyclopedia.

3) It's an area that's suppose to be botomless, you'll need the air necklace or else you'll drown.