I would like to know how I can get a red crest on my chao's chest: I relized this when I entered my chao in the race and saw the other chao and their red crests. And 1 more, how DO I mate chao? do a bring a chao, do I take them somewhere? thanks and plez reply
1. Dark Normal and Running type chao all have crests on the chest, but only two (Dark/Normal/Power and Dark/Running/Running, the Shadow chao) have them in red.
2. Chao have to have evolved to be able to mate and will go into mating season between approximately ages two and four. You can try giving them heart fruit as well. When a chao sits down and a ring of flowers circles it, bring another chao close to it. If they like each other, they'll mate. If you already have eight chao in a garden, though, none of them will mate.

~ Crazy C Lea