This is interesting...

Someone just informed me that Canada's Teletoon is hosting a contest of sorts of all thier shows. What this contest is for is beyond me, but its most likely gauging the popularity of all of thier liscened shows combined including: Cybersix, Johnny Bravo, Ned's Newt, Scooby Doo, Angela Anaconda, Mega Babies, Cow And Chicken, Ren And Stimpy, Archie's Weird Mysteries, Pippi Longstocking, I Am Weasel, Bad Dog, Tom and Jerry Kids, Redwall, Calliou (sp?) and Sonic Underground

Currently the voting is set at Cybersix VS Sonic Underground. It seems SU had won previously but that was mostly due to a technical glitch in thier system. And thanks to the glitch Cybersix now has a lead of 150 votes - compared to Sonic Undergrounds, which I think had something like 40 when I saw it.

At any rate - vote which you think is the better cartoon, Cybersix (whatever that is) or SU, below! ^_^

Source: Teletoon Toonament Of Champions