It's that time again! The beginning of a new month - and that means updated polls! With E3 around the corner its a good thing too. With new polls on Sonic Shuffle and classic retro Sega to be discussed later, right now lets concentrate on the Poll Positions of April:

Sonic Adventure 2
What would you most like to see in Sonic Adventure 2?
A Playable Version Of Doctor Robotnik!  (62)


A Playable Version Of The Chaotix  (129)


The Rumored Appearance of Eggman's Father ??  (14)


The Return Of Nack The Weasel!  (50)


A Cameo By The Super Mario Brothers ^_^  (33)


The Return Of The 3D Special Stages  (42) User-Suggestions


Total Votes: 330

You can't go bad with what you KNOW is right! >;O) And the Chaotix win by a landslide! Mighty, Espio, Vector, and even Charmy Bee would all look exceptional in 3D and if anything - Chainspike's April fools gag of "Knuckles Adventure" proved that! Coming in at a hot second was a playable version of Doctor Robotnik (which would look bafflingly odd the more you think about it) and finishing at third place is everyones FAVORITE weasel - Nack! And we all know he's LONG OVERDUE for a return to any Sonic continuity! And you people who voted for the Mario Brothers should be hit sideways with a wet noodle.... >;O)

Comment wise people suggested: Better Voice Acting (can I get an amen brothers and sisters?) a Sonic Love Showdown poll (Cruel joke people....cruel...^___^), Harder difficulty levels, 2 player mode, SURPRISINGLY people wanted a playable Tikal...interesting, Hyper Knuckles and Turbo Tails, and the return of Metal Sonic (how on earth I forgot to include that in the poll itself is BEYOND me...)

The Sonic Comic Dream Team !!!!
A man can dream can't he? Which one of these famous mainstream comic book writers/artists would you to see on the Sonic Comic book one day? Vote twice - one writer, one artist.
W - John Byrne (X Men, Spider Man Revamp)  (10)


W - Peter David (Young Justice, Incredible Hulk)  (6)


W - Mark Waid (Flash, JLA, Impulse)  (1)


W - Howard Mackie (Spider Man, Spider Man Relaunch)  (6)


A - Humberto Ramos (Impulse, Crimson)  (2)


A - Joe Madieura (Battle Chasers)  (6)


A - Todd Nauck (Young Justice)


A - Patrick Spaziante ( Guess? ^______^ )  (69) User-Suggestions


Total Votes: 100

This is the LAST time I put Patrick Spaziante on any kind of poll you cheaters! >;O)

Ignoring Spaz's gargantuan landslide win - coming in first place for writers is....JOHN BYRNE ?!?!?! Have you people actually picked up an issue of Spider Man recently or taken a look at his stuff on Wonder Woman? Sure - he is responsible for the modern day Superman..but..but...look at what he did to Spidey!!! You HONESTLY want that on the Sonic books? O__O Coming in second was Young Justice writer Peter David, whom I honestly expected to win because of his witty writing and the fact that he does well on team books...but oh well. For artists we have Joe Madieura (MAD!) whom I DID expect to win for this category, and coming in second, the ORIGINAL Impulse man Humberto Ramos - another one of todays greatest IMHO. :O)

John Byrne INDEED!!!

Reader comments however made another turn...namely to Benjamin Hurst - primary writer of Sonic SatAM...Go fig. ^^

This months polls give us a triple threat - plus on 2 of the 3 you can vote for MORE THAN ONE answer! Lets see what we got:

The Mascot Wars Revisited - The Classic Sega mascots rule! Pity they're not used much anymore. With Phantasy Star and Ecco coming back - of these classics, who is in most need of updating and who do you want to reborn for Sega! Choose up to 5
The Sonic Shuffle Poll: Void Where Prohibited - What kind of minigames would you most like to see in Sonic Shuffle? Only choose up to 4 of the 10.
Sonic Adventure Adaption: Overall - The Sonic Adventure Adaption comes to an end with this issue (Sonic #84)! What did you think of it?

Thats that folks! Get to voting ! ^___^ Poll answers will be counted at the end of the month