Hello nice site, I know 4 robotic Sonics and Metal Sonic from Sonic CD is one of them. The other 2 I know are the first robotic sonic Silver Sonic from Sonic 2, and the big red one Mega Metal Sonic from Knuckles Chaotix......... My question is this, whats the name of the robotic Sonic from Sonic & Knuckles??? And also do you know the name of the new robotic Sonic from Sonic Heroes? Because in a magazine I got the other day says that Sonic's new enemy is similar to Metal Sonic....... what I'm saying is...... THATS NOT METAL SONIC FROM SONIC HEROES!!! THATS A NEW ROBOTIC SONIC IN THE FAMILY!!! Which will soon make 5 robotic Sonic! Thanks anyway.
The robotic Sonics have been gone over before--and are also in the Sega profiles. Pick your choice as to what to read for your answer. There are only two of them, not four. --True Red