Welcome to the Poll Position April! March's polls were a HOT HOT topic for both our mailbox AND our forum. As some didnt like ONE poll in particular...Lets see what we got:

Who Will Die...?
Lets get morbid !! Rumors move quickly. Lately - Out of all these characters, its rumored that one of the Freedom Fighters may be roboticised or die in the distant future near Sonic #100 or as early as Sonic 86. Who do you think it will be?
Sally Acorn or A Member Of her Family (76)


Rotor The Walrus (27)


Uncle Chuck or One Of Sonic's Parents (28)


Nate Morgan (131)


Bunnie Or Antione (27)


Total Votes: 289

You people REALLY have it out for Nate....Out of all three polls - this is the one that WASNT screwed around with at any time. ***Slaps head for disabling the cookie checker*** Its good to see theres a low tolerance for Rotor or Sonic's parents or Bunnie and Ant - but geez, is King Max REALLY that bad for 76 votes people? ^_^

Now for The Devils Advocate! :

Devils Advocate
Lately most tend to agree the Archie comic needs to have a shot in the arm. Playing Devils' Advocate - Out of these scenarios, What would you MOST LIKELY want to see happen in the Archie Comics.
The Robotization Of Rotor the Walrus (33)


Sonic dumps Sally Acorn for Amy Rose. Love Triangle Ensues (107)


The Death Of Queen Alicia, Elias Takes The Throne Instead Of Sally (42)


The Destruction Of Knothole Village, Robotnik Wins The War (78)


The Death Of King Acorn, Sally takes The Throne, Queen Alicia Lives (113)


Total Votes: 373

This poll was....interesting...to say the least. ^_^ Half of you guys wanted Sonic to dump Sally and get a love triangle to start between him, her, and Amy - and the others wanted you all to kill Kingy and replace him with the queen. you morbid bunch you ^___^

Now THIS is the EVIL poll.... :P Let it be known that this poll means absolutely nothing. The question was basically - who do you think makes the better girlfriend, Sally or Amy? And I either got flamed seven ways from Sunday or chewed out for ever putting it up. Namely because my goofus self forgot to turn on the Cookie and IP checker and everyone went willy nilly cheating. I even had one person write an editorial (which you will see above). Needless to say - this sucker was a HUGE WASHOUT. And though I had a point I was going to type here had it went well - I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. ^____^

Here are the results (OBVIOUSLY grossly tampered). Take for it what you will, I wash my hands of it :O) :

The Sonic Love Showdown

Your vote was not counted because this poll was closed on 3/18/00. Here are the final results:
No biggie here. 2 names - 1 hedgehog: Sally Acorn and Amy Rose. Who deserves Sonic more? Who would Sonic go for more? Think about character personality and importance. This is your time to choose!
Princess Sally Acorn: Archie Sonic Continuity, Longtime girlfriend in cartoons & comics (127)


Amy Rose: Once tagalong, now matured some, Official (88)


Nobody For Now (0)


Total Votes: 215

This month we open up a new feature for you all to look at! Not only will there be 2 polls, but now you can review the comic book for the month and place in your comments! When the new books come out, I'll be discussing what people rated the book and placing down specific peoples comments! ^_^ This month - Sonic 83 and SSS 13.

And for our two polls we have something new as well! Now you can WRITE IN an entry if you think we missed something or someone! :OD Our polls include -

  • Sonic Adventure 2 - What would you most like to see in Sonic Adventure 2?

  • Sonic Adventure 2 - A man can dream can't he? Which one of these famous mainstream comic book writers/artists would you to see on the Sonic Comic book one day? NOTE HOWEVER that IP Checker and Cookie Checker is puposely disabled so you can vote twice - one writer, one artist. No cheating ^___^

    And thats it for March's polls! See you later when we check on reviews for the newest books!