I've been sitting on these just for a slow news day Sonic wise - and now that we've hit one its time to begin the next wave of Sonic editorials! We got some good ones in this time and as usual I encourage MANY responses, comments and rebuttals on them both good and bad! So lets get started -

  • Why Sonic Is Failing - Sonic fan and ower of "Perfect Chaos" Sonique gives her straight up and real views and issues on the cause/effect of the downfall of the hedgehog - touching from Sonic Comics to SatAM to Sonic Underground. While Sonique may not want opposing comments (as she expressed below) I DO. But I dont want flames (you just have to read the last line of the piece ^_^). Thats what the editorials are for - speaking out, getting rebuttals and giving free expressions. Feel free to email her as well, but I would still like comments on it for the page.

  • Adapt THIS!!! - Wonder just why Archie can do a Sonic Adventure adaption, but not take the time to do an adaption of the ADV Sonic anime? Sonic fan, gamer, artist, and owner of "Micheal's Boring Homepage", Micheal Stearns takes a good and very insightful look at just why we won't see one and lays down some facts as well.

  • Chu Chu Sonic! - A more lighthearted editorial - Sonic Team, perhaps the backbone of Sega Enterprises, are always full of surprises. First, they will create a game that will definitely boost Sega's sales, and then they will create another game which will cast doubts into the hearts of people. Two such examples, as Cuisinart king shows us, are Sonic Adventure and Chu Chu Rocket!

    Good job on the editorials people, but I still wanna see some more - so get to writing! ^_^ Check back here this evening for new polls, and April's "Editorial Focus!"