What new things about Team Sonic Racing did we learn at Gamescom? Find out here!

Hey everyone! Bet you weren't expecting to see me again so soon. But I ain't going anywhere so, get used to me. But main reason I'm here is Team Sonic Racing made an appearance at Gamescom 2018 and we got A LOT of new information! So I'm going to put it all in one place for your reading pleasure. Let's get into my list!

1) Market Street has officially been unveiled as a race track in Team Sonic Racing! It's heavily based on the Generations version of Rooftop Run and is shaping up to be one of the brightest tracks in the game. Apparently, there is also a sick remix of the stage that is being done by Jun, so this outta be good!

2) There will be 21 Tracks total in the game, spanning across 7 Zones. So each zone is going to have 3 associated tracks.

3) The oldest level goes as far back as Sonic 3. Anyone want to place bets that it'll be Sky Sanctuary?

4) Although you won't be able to switch vehicles with characters, you WILL be able to customize your character's vehicle. To which extent that will be remains to be seen!

5) In Adventure Mode, you will have to choose between the teams that have been promoted thus far. However, in other modes, you will be able to customize your teams! You could even have a Team of Big, Big, and Big if you wanted to.

6) Speed characters will be able to deflect projectiles while drifting. Technique characters can drive across tough terrain such as grass without losing speed. And power characters can bust through hazards without losing speed.

7) Adventure Mode will have cutscenes similar to the ones in Sonic Free Riders, where avatars will appear on screen with speech bubbles for dialogue.

8) Adventure Mode can be played with two other friends in split screen co-op!

9) The name of the mysterious cat that we've seen is Dodonpa. Not much is known about them at this point in time, but they are responsible for putting together the race that Sonic and his friends will be partaking in!

What's my tenth item? Check it out in the video version of this article below! But in the meantime, let me know in the comments section if you're excited or worried about any of these new details! But until then, RidersDX is out.