www.GameFAQs.com is hosting a popularity contest between 64 various video game characters throughout the months of July and August. Among these 64 are none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and the blue bomber, MegaMan. (Tails was in the contest as well, but he has already been laid to waste by Alucard of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.)

Although it is too late to actually enter the contest to compete for prize money, you can still help Sonic, Knuckles, or MegaMan make their way to the Championship by visiting GameFAQs on the appropriate days (listed below) and voting for them, or just vote for your favorite character each day as well.

The following passage is an excerpt from the official contest page. You can view the entire page here.

"Who is the most popular video game character of all time?

Well, we're going to find out, at least according to the visitors of GameFAQs. Beginning July 1st, there will be a 64-character winner-take-all battle royale, conducted as the Poll of the Day over the following two months. From 64 of the most popular video game characters, only one will emerge as the champion....

Split up over four divisions and seeded through scientific estimation and wild guesses, the 64 characters chosen will duke it out in a single-elimination tournament. If you've ever filled out an NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket before, the rest should be simple....

There are sixty-three rounds of the tournament, which will take place using the Poll of the Day question located on the front page of GameFAQs. The winner of each poll (all ties will be broken) will be declared the winner of that battle"

The following is a list of all the dates in which Sonic, Knuckles, and MegaMan will be taking part in the battle (assuming that they advance to every round), so spread the word! Get out and vote!


July 25th vs. Pitfall Harry
August 14th
August 24th
August 29th
August 31st
September 1st


July 15th vs. Akira Yuki (w)
August 9th vs. Solid Snake
August 21st
August 27th
August 30th
September 1st


July 29th vs. Ms. Pac-Man
August 16th
August 25th
August 29th
August 31st
September 1st

Source: GameFAQs