The Sonic Encyclopedia pages listed Sonic's Complete name as "Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog", however Sonic the Hedgehog [Archie Adventure Series] NO. 53 seems to reveal his full name as "Maurice Wentworth Hedgehog". I have not, as yet, seen Sonic the Hedgehog #0 [first installment of the first mini-series]. Could someone clarify this for me?
No, Jules clearly stated in Sonic #53 that Sonic's middle name is "Maurice" (which is something Sonic himself said only to Sally in the original Sonic mini-series for Archie). Re-read the comic again. Antoine assumes that Maurice is Sonic's first name, but Jules says that Maurice is Sonic's middle name. Then Jules is about to say what Sonic's first name is, but Sonic cuts him off. Ken Penders revealed on his message board that he gave Sonic the name Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog. Olgilvie has never been said within the comic, and considering Sonic's dislike for his first name, probably never will be. --True Red