Sonic Team have released a NEATO Live Camera, for coverage of the JAMMA Show for themselves! YAY! However, at the moment, They are just showing the Development site. Which at the moment has Chu Chu Rocket playing on a monitor, a few Sonic dolls stuffed around the area, and if your lucky, Some Japanese top Blokes wandering around ^__^

They've also brought out a? Schedule of whats happening, although in Japanese, we've kindly enough got a good Japanese Translation for you here. It seems to have chats with developers of Samba, ChuChu Rocket, and PSO, and the boss himself, YUJI!

To Acess the LIVE Broadcast, you need to snag Windows Media Player. Then click here!, Beware though, I've been sitting through it for 1/2 an hour, and the Chu Chu Rocket Music gets quite annoying. :)

Happy Broadcasting, I'll let you nkow if anything pops up!