Could Sega's 10-year mascot make an apperance on the new X-Box or perhaps in the next version of Windows? Over the past few weeks I have been mining for information, expecially about SatAM and, more importantly, who has the rights to it. I decided to go to my local Wal*Mart today on the "Sonic" note and see if they still ran the demo on their Dreamcast.

While I was in the electronics section I noticed a conversation going on. A MicroSoft Sales Rep, aparently stocking new copies of the Gawd-Awful Windows ME, was there. Trying to be friendly I asked her about the new X-Box game system due out next year.

She said it was still hush-hush, and they'd have alot of competition with the PSXII (I assume as much). But then she started to change the subject back to how MicroSoft is currently helping out Sega with making the Dreamcast sytems Internet compatable... and I believe, not owning a DC myself, that it has a MicroSoft based operating program on it.

When I asked how deep the relationship with Sega was she said that they'd probably aquire rights to reproduce and develop new game titles from Sega. (I would imagine this is because Sega dosen't have a plan to develop a new game system after DC). I asked if that ment Sonic too...

...she said, "Expecially Sonic, it is a great marketing idea."

This shocked me. I didn't talk much more after that, she had to get more copies of Windows ME. Still I take it with salt, she is, after all, just a sales rep. Could it be possible that MicroSoft is intrested in using Sega's Mascot for their own good? Still, it looks like the option is open.