Hey just need some answers please^^

I just need to know the exact dates^^ Of when certain series came out^^
1: Sonic Satam
2: AoStH
3: Sonic Underground
4: Sonic CD
5: Sonic Fleetway
6: Sonic Archie series
I have seen alot of people saying they came out at rediculous dates, But I know you guys are very official and trust what you say^^ It would be great if you could help me out.
1) Sept 18, 1993
2) Sept 6, 1993
3) Aug 1999 in the US, but I believe it came out in 1998 in France (it definitely came out in France first).
4) Sept 23, 1993
5) May 29, 1993
6) Feb 1993 (Sonic #0 mini-series) though I'm not sure when Sonic #1/4 came out.

--True Red