Cover: Richard Elson

Script: Nigel Kitching; Art: Richard Elson; Lettering: Ellie De'Ville
Sonic is gone; Knuckles and Porker face Chaos 1; the Floating Island is falling to its doom; Amy and Tails are racing there ASAP; and Robotnik is motivated again and beginning to take a serious interest in Chaos. Since this story continues from that, I don't suppose I need say more.

KNUCKLES: versus the Cybernik
(Script: Lew Stringer - Art: John Moore - Lettering: Elitta Fell)

TAILS: Fox on the Run (Part 4)
(Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Carl Flint - Colouring: John Burns - Lettering: Steve Potter)

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: The Rampage of Mekanik
(Script: Lew Stringer - Art: Nigel Kitching and John Burns - Lettering: Elitta Fell)

It's also got Speedlines, great free Sonic stickers and a Knuckles info poster!